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Crack - Leak Repair - Pipe Wrap Products

epoxy fix options for leaks in basements, boats, tanks and pits! underwater repair projects


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pipe wrap leak repair

fiberglass water activated pipe wrap kit

Internal concrete sealer (Bio Vee Seal ™)
CLICK HERE (vee4u.html) . for dampness - moisture issues without actual cracks.

Hairline Cracks or very tiny loose seams, etc. in most materials

Capt. Tolley's Creeping Crack Sealer

Looks like watered down Elmer's Glue (tm), this product, in 2 of 8 oz bottles with a narrow spout, sucks right into these little cracks and seals them tight. Works on leaking windows, hairline cracks in fiberglass, etc. Find in our catalog - CLICK HERE or go directly to our ONLINE STOREFRONT section 6 misc..

Basement leaks (leak repair) and similar masonry problems.

Crack Coat (tm)

This product is a two part epoxy that mixes up to something thicker than paint, but thinner than putty. It is flexible and can handle damp surfaces. Works on leaking joints such as there the floor and wall meet in wet basements, etc.

For an entire site on basement leaks go to www.epoxyproducts.com/cellar4u.html. (really good site!)

Find in our catalog -
CLICK HERE or go directly to our ONLINE STOREFRONT section 2 epoxy paints..

This product is unique enough that it has its own page - CLICK HERE (crack repair epoxy).


We really appreciate you visiting PROGRESSIVE EPOXY POLYMERS, INC. and our web site: EPOXYPRODUCTS.COM.  Take advantage of the CONTACT links on this page to ask questions about our products and/or your projects. You can stay in touch with us via our NEWSLETTER (link on our contact page) which is emailed  every 6-8 weeks.

This current page is all about:


Crack - Leak Repair - Pipe Wrap Products

epoxy fix options for leaks in basements, boats, tanks and pits! underwater repair projects

Underwater repairs on boats or swimming pools

Wet Dry 700  (tm) epoxy paste

This is an off white 2 part epoxy putty that can be applied underwater and is sold regularly to homeowners with swimming pool leaks during the summer season.

A faster setting (gray/black) version (Quick Fix 2300) is also available for use in cold weather/water or for faster set time.

QR 2400™ is a slow to normal setting epoxy past (dark brown) the forms a rubber like product. Like the Quick Fix above, QR2400 in non-hazmat to ship and can be air-shipped world wide for emergency situations.

Find in our catalog -
CLICK HERE or go directly to our ONLINE STOREFRONT section 3 thick epoxy.

Pipe Repair wrap systems

We offer two. One is a water activated, fiberglass cloth/polyester resin kit. This product has its own web page. CLICK HERE (pipe repair wrap).

The other is using epoxy resin (usually the Wet Dry 700 resin mentioned above) and fiberglass cloth (sold separately in 3 inch by 50 yard rolls). The epoxy is 'buttered' on to the fiberglass and the cloth is wrapped around pipes etc. sort of like an ace bandage on a bad ankle. This system is used a lot in power plants, waste water plants etc. or in commercial places with lots of piping.

Find in our catalog - CLICK HERE or go directly to our ONLINE STOREFRONT section 6 misc..

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Internal concrete sealer (Bio Vee Seal ™) CHICK HERE (vee4u.html) .

Links to Products

* Bio Vee Seal
* ESP 155
* Low V
* pigment
* Industrial Floor Epoxy
* fiberglass cloth
* Crack Coat Epoxy




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Epoxy "Stab Brush" --  "Regular Brush"

Use with products on this page

buy separately or include with your order

STAB BRUSH - 3 inch wide with 3/4 inch bristles. Most epoxies are too thick for a regular brush. Stab brushes allow you to push and move the epoxy around and 'stab' or poke it into cracks, voids, and corners

REGULAR BRUSH - 2 inch wide and extra thick with synthetic bristles. Use with varnish, paints and thin epoxies. Priced for disposable use.

Find Stab Brushes and Regular Brushes in our MARINE CATALOG or in our HOME/COMMERCIAL CATALOG

Goto our 3rd party storefront and purchase in the MISC SECTION


DISCLAIMER: The above comments are simply that, comments and ideas. The ability of these or other products to seal a basement or sump is not guaranteed as many factors beyond just the sealing product comes into play.


This is one of several epoxies/products I couldn't imagine not always having on hand...

Wet Dry 700 (tm) - epoxy paste that works underwater. Use to glue/fill/patch - marine catalog - home/industry cat. - order/simple web site 2.

ESP 155 (tm) - solvent thinned epoxy sealer, tie coat etc. (not for sale in S. Calif) marine catalog - home/industry cat.

Aluthane (tm) - aluminum filled moisture cured urethane - amazing paint product - has its own web page.

Basic No Blush (tm) marine epoxy - if you work on boats, this is the best epoxy at the best price. marine catalog - order/simple web site 2.



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Crack - Leak Repair - Pipe Wrap Products

epoxy fix options for leaks in basements, boats, tanks and pits! underwater repair projects