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Nonyl Phenol - the best quality epoxies do not add it to their formulations


We sell about 25 different epoxies for different applications - Four of them are nonyl free - (scroll down to learn more about them).


A nonyl-phenol ALERT


Nonyl Phenol is a common chemical additive in almost all epoxies. It has both good and bad properties.


Cycloaliphatic epoxies
Epoxy adducts


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Paul Oman, MS, MBA - Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. - (floor epoxies, marine epoxies, underwater epoxies, repair epoxies)

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Nonyl Phenol is a common chemical additive in almost all epoxies. It has both good and bad properties.

epoxy school marine epoxy boat building











Good Properties:

* used to adjust the mix ratio of part A and part B to whole numbers

* can add useful properties to epoxies with additives/thickeners (we had an epoxy paste that become a crumbling mess when we attempted to remove the nonyl from the formulation)

* used as a thinner with thicker epoxy resins

* useful as a low cost accelerator/catalyst for epoxy curing

Bad Properties:

can be used as a way to cheaply 'water down' the epoxy to increase profits (the major problem and a clue to CHEAP epoxy!!!)

* probably slightly reduces the epoxies physical properties

* reclassified as a 'hazmat' ingredient around 2009, meaning most epoxies require hazmat or ORM-D shipping

* nonyl-phenol has potential health risks

* appears to sometimes  retard the drying of alkyd (oil based) enamels applied over epoxies containing nonyl phenol (often to unacceptable levels) in high humidity/dew point conditions - see following link:

---------- lots more info on the nonyl vs. enamel paint issues / recommendations  (or why won't my paint dry?)

Properties of Epoxies without Nonyl Phenol:


* more likely to be non-hazmat to ship (other factors/ingredients also come into play)

* probably slightly better epoxy physical properties

* part B (the curing agent) more likely to be dark amber colored instead of clear or slightly amber

* traditional alkyd (oil based) enamel paints dry without problem over these epoxies


Does it contain Nonyl Phenol?

Check the MSDS sheet for parts A and B of your epoxy. You have a legal right to see the MSDS document. If the vendor/store resists your request, find a different vendor or store.

Epoxies offered by Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. without Nonyl Phenol:


1) Premium No Blush -- (world's best marine epoxy???)  visit our Boat Links Page

2) Bio Clear 810 --  (world's best bar top epoxy???) visit our Bar Top Page

3) Corro Coat FC 2100A -- (world's best epoxy paint???)

4) Industrial Floor Epoxy -- (world's best floor epoxy???) visit our Floor Links Page


We have lots of information on the above products. Google their name and search the web for them.

Visit our contact page and email / call with your questions.


info below

Premium No Blush (tm) Marine epoxy (non hazmat to ship  - and cycloaliphatic besides!) find in catalog



Why Premium No Blush  epoxy is the BEST in its class:

1) Can be shipped by air

2) cycloaliphatic epoxy system

3) formulated with no nonyl-phenol for more perfect finish

4) amber curing agent brings out the wood color

5) strong user support / feedback

6) 24/7 support



Bio Clear 810 (tm) - top selling professional bar and table top epoxy (requires 1/4 inch pours into a 'pan' setting)


table top bar top epoxy











Professional bars done with Bio Clear 810

the ONLY  cycloaliphatic system and no nonyl phenol


Corro Coat FC 2100A  (tm) - kelvar (tm) ceramic reinforced epoxy paint that can be applied to wet or damp surfaces - learn more



Why Corro Coat FC 2100A epoxy is the BEST in its class:

1) Gap filling Kevar (tm) based epoxy paint 

2) can be applied underwater

3) special high end curing agents allow shipping by air

4) no nonyl phenol

5) cycloaliphatic formulation

6) no odor or solvents

7) strong user support / feedback

8) 24/7 support



 FC 2100 saves a sunk boat -- details -- Available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon

Industrial Floor Epoxy(tm) - solvent free professional - commercial grade floor epoxy


Professional contractors apply  Industrial Floor Epoxy (tm)

Now you can too! catalog page or  buy now


Big Floor Project? Our 100% solids INDUSTRIAL FLOOR EPOXY can be purchased in any gallon amount over 15 gal, packed in 5 gal pails and shipped direct from the factory. Our regular 1.5 gal kits are always in stock for immediate shipping. 15 gal covers about 2,000 sf. Find Industrial Floor Epoxy, with pricing, in the floor section of our catalog - or call 603 - 435 - 7199




Dear Sir, We applied the Industrial Floor Epoxy in our work trailer yesterday, and I swept off the excess sand today. We are very pleased with the results.

 None of us had any particular experience with this kind of application, but we followed the instructions, had a fairly cool morning to do the work, and managed to complete the application in about 90 minutes, dividing the work and mixing epoxy in three sections. I would recommend this material to friends looking to do similar work. Thank you for your assistance, the all-purpose sand was quite adequate for our needs.

R.C. - Virginia Transportation Research Council (9/2010)



Why  Industrial Floor epoxy is the BEST in its class

1) no nonyl phenol

2) no odor or solvents

4) strong user support / feedback

4) 24/7 support




Now that you have learned about nonyl-phenol

learn about epoxy adducts, and cycloaliphtics.

"Knowledge is Power"

Cycloaliphatic epoxies
Epoxy adducts
Nonyl phenol additives

Then call us to talk about how these superior

epoxies can help you. 603 - 435 - 7199

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