Weekend Project? We work nights and weekends 24/7 too. For instant help - barrier coats, blisters, wet cores, underwater repairs, laminating resins, stitch and glue, non skid deck paint - we have the products and answers you need for your new construction or repairs. Winter marine epoxy works down to 32 F degrees. Call anytime - we love talking boats! Let's talk! WE WELCOME YOUR CALL 603 435 7199 anytime!  Or EMAIL us instead. We don't have customers, only new friends.


 EPOXY GURU - "how to" epoxy/coating help.


You're talking with:  Paul Oman, MS, MBA -- Member since 1994: NACE (National Assoc. of Corrosion Engineers), SSPC (Soc. of Protective Coatings) FORMER SAILING INSTRUCTOR  --  Technical Help - not sales talk!

Boat US member since Dec. 1980

Former Sailing Instructor -- 1976 Yachting Magazine -- Jr. Article Writing contest 1st place winner -- Boat builder -- Founder: Friday Night Kayaking Club -- "Good Old Boat" magazine advertiser -- WoodenBoat online vendor listee


"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it." -- Margaret Fuller, Journalist

24/7 free support help and order line 603-435-7199

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Professional Grade Marine Epoxy Resin and Related Epoxy Products

marine epoxy

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EXPLORE THIS SITE WITH CONFIDENCE. Unlike most of our competitors we do not track your mouse clicks. You will not be hounded for the rest of your life by unwanted online ads after visiting this site.


Rated #1 NON BLUSHING best two part marine epoxy resin - Marine Distributor Epoxy Prices

Best Marine Epoxy Clear Two Part Resin - LOW EPOXY PRICES

Find us (Progressive Epoxy Polymers) and our marine epoxies in the WoodenBoat web site and "Good Old Boat" magazines web site. These are the "home ports" of the American working class boating community. We are very proud of our connection with these key boating leaders.


Our underwater epoxies have saved a sinking yacht in the Pacific Ocean. Their story is now a book. This is proof, you don't venture offshore without the epoxy products you need to save your boat from sinking. Read more - Epoxy Saves Sinking Yacht .



Nothing but Quality Products at Good Prices, Great Customer Service, and Lots and Lots of Helpful Information

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BoatU.S. member since 1980

In business since 1994

Sponsor of the Suncook Valley Friday Night Paddlers

This is the MARINE EPOXY section of our  massive 200 page information, data and product rich web site -- 10 pages of INFO for every catalog SALES page! Many of our solvent free epoxies can be found on our much more simple, second website - template website/store www.epoxyUSA.com.


Product Index

1) Product Name - 2) Product Prices - 3) Link to Product Catalog Page

Marine Index Page


"I just wanted to let you know that a couple of months ago I purchased 1.5 gallons of epoxy from you for injection into a port stringer on a waterski boat I recently purchased.  I have owned quite a number of boats power and sail requiring repairs to bring them back to where they should be. Your product was excellent in every respect. I thinned it myself to the specifications I felt the repair required and it turned out superb in every regard. I will be using your product in the future for blister repairs to a large sailboat I own and just wanted to thank you for providing an excellent product with value to the consumer."  Best Regards, Steve

 (email 12/16/13 to Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. -- epoxyproducts.com -- attn: Paul Oman)


"OK...thanks for the personal touch. And for such an informative website. The navigation took me a while to grasp, but I really appreciate all the credible, helpful information you provide. This is my 3rd or 4th order over the years and I give you a A or A+ grade on all of it.

I'm a nit-picking former Polaris nuclear missile targeting and firing guy so you don't get a good grade from me unless you are on target!" -- Dave   7/14



"Paul Oman (owner of Progressive Epoxy - 603 435 7199) is a very knowledgeable man , and freely shares his knowledge. His products are high quality and as represented. And he answers his phone."  Ralph

"You provide outstanding products, and Fantastic Support. Thank You." Brian S.

"Thanks for all your advice, tips & moral support concerning my project. It turned out beautiful. Quality people backing a quality product is the only way to go!" Joe




Emergency Underwater Boat Repair Epoxy - Without it your boat is at risk!

The difference between your boat sinking at sea or in its slip and not sinking can be as simple as having an underwater epoxy paste and some fiberglass cloth on hand. Hull damage, leaks or a sinking can happen anywhere, any time, risking your life, the lives of your crew and the loss of the boat. Even if you are not sinking, an underwater epoxy paste doesn't have to be used underwater. Epoxy seal electrical connections, re-attach or re-bond wood trim, loose fittings, chipped wood or fiberglass. Repair broken hardware.

"I feel that any person taking a boat to sea anywhere, anytime, should carry your product aboard..."  -  Joy S. and Leslie B., sunken US Yacht Banshee.

Order the 1 gal unit of Wet Dry 700 underwater epoxy paste and a 4 inch roll of fiberglass cloth (yes, you can do fiberglass/epoxy work underwater) to keep on board - BEFORE YOU NEED IT!  order at epoxyusa.com


Professional Restoration of Wooden Thistle Class Sailboat - link to


boat marine epoxy


marine epoxy

Basic No Blush IS THE ONLY MARINE EPOXY FORMULATED WITH EXPENSIVE BUBBLE BREAKERS to give a more flawless, perfect finish.


An ever increasing number of experienced DIY and professional Boat Builders consider Basic No Blush Marine Epoxy  to be the BEST product available (performance, consistency, properties, support and price). They've certainly tried all the other brands over the years. No other marine epoxy has our level of customer satisfaction - or rave reviews. Our customers can always buy cheaper 'repackaged' resins or the $$$ name brands at their local marine supply store. Instead they take the  effort to always order our Basic No Blush (tm) Marine Epoxy either online or over the phone.





boat building marine epoxy

Progressive Epoxy Polymers (epoxyproducts.com) Attn: Paul,

Attached is a zip file with photos, plan view, vessel description, and some shots of the previous builds of the same boat. I am using your Basic No-Blush marine epoxy as my sole epoxy coating & glue solution throughout this entire project and I just love your product! Having used all the major brands on the market today I find your epoxy to be the easiest, most consistent, and most forgiving marine epoxy product of them all.

This boat is being built in an unheated, semi-weather tight workshop, on an island on Lake Winnipesaukee (central New Hampshire) and consequently I'm more often working in temperatures outside of what is optimal for most epoxies. I've had success with your epoxy (with the Regular curing agent) setting up in temps in the low 50's and also behaving kindly with temps in the upper 80s to 90+. While pot life varies considerably in such a wide range your product is very consistent, predictable, and telling when it's time to 'wrap it up', which is definitely not so much the case with some of your competitors.

In addition, your pricing is very attractive and while price is not the primary reason why I use your product I definitely appreciate the value you offer, so thank you.

Jeff - 2014 - Offshore Skiff boat builder

basic no blush epoxy marine

basic no blush epoxy

Originally designed for Offshore Magazine, the Offshore Skiff was intended to be an economical shoal-draft family cruiser or alternately--in the open center-console version--an all-around utility boat. A skiff. of course, is any fairly small, shoal, economical vessel. She could be a 15-foot rowboat, a 30-foot Jersey sea skiff, or even a 36-foot 17,000-pound Sea Bright skiff. The Offshore Skiff, falls nicely in the middle of this range at 28-feet 3-inches overall , 24-feet waterline, 8-foot beam. 5400-pound displacement, and drawing a scant 1 1 inches to the bottom of her hull. (She draws 26 inches to the bottom of her outboard.)

basic no blush epoxy


Massive Boat Links Site

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Order this EPOXY product NOW


Custom Drift Boats

Check them out at:


Croff Craft - just one of our commercial boat builders that use our

Basic No Blush marine epoxy and India Spar Varnish

Professional Restoration of Wooden Thistle Class Sailboat - link to



boat repair with marine epoxy

car boat in water auto boat picture - epoxy


Our "Funky' and massive marine web site as been a popular 'insider's secret with professional and serious boat  builders (stitch and glue and conventional boat building)  for over 15 years. It is the only marine/vendor site that combines huge amounts of information and links with loads of email and telephone support and top products at distributor prices. Take a few minutes to explore our unique, one of a kind site you'll see why our customers come back over and over for products and support/suggestions and just to chat.



keywords= epoxy marine fiberglass fillers putty thickeners




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CLICK HERE (www.epoxyproducts.com/legal.html) to access these terms.

MEMBER:  Internet Epoxy Confederation (IEC - CLICK HERE TO VISIT) -- "Where Professionalism Still Matters"

We've been selling epoxy - marine epoxy (boat building - wood / fiberglass repair) industrial coatings - garage paint -

underwater epoxies - thick putties - tabletop resins and supplies since the early 1990's


Rated Best Marine Epoxy - find out why


Google Industry Specific Search

Marine Epoxy, Boat Repair/Building



Hello Paul Oman/Progressive Epoxy Polymers (epoxyproducts.com 603/435-7199);

Thanks for your advice and products. I stripped the hull with a 'green' paint stripper, sanded it with 120 grit, chipped old Bondo that had been used to fair the keel, re-faired the keel with your Wet Dry 700 epoxy kevlar (tm) putty, and then applied 2 coats of your ESP 155 epoxy primer, 2 coats of your CM 15 epoxy paint and 2 coats of Micron CSC with 1/2 ob of your copper powder per gallon of CSC. I also chased out the gelcoat cracks and filled with Wet Dry 700 epoxy putty. The hull came out beautifully.

I like working with your products. They are predictable and seem to hold to spec well. Your advice - even when I was half way through the job and made my 'lack of confidence call' (confidence in me) to you on a Saturday night was met with a quick call-back and clear map for success. I really don't know of any other supplier I would receive that from...

Kind regards --  Randall -- Mirage 35 (July 2015)



Complete, customized, osmotic hull blister repair with Kevlar (tm) based epoxies and multiple epoxy barrier coat system options. Call to discuss your boat and purchase everything you need from a single source - plus 24/7 help and support from boating resin professionals. A Better Business Bureau Company. 603-435-7199




Before you buy anything from anyone, we HIGHLY SUGGEST you CALL 603 435 7199 OR EMAIL US  (24/7/365). Let's make sure you have the right products for the job, an understanding of how to use them and a feel for what might  go wrong.  And if  you purchase our products feel free to CALL OR EMAIL US again (24/7/365)  before you use them for "tips and tricks" or just some "hand-holding." Perhaps when you're done you'll let us put up some of our pictures on our web site.

We have much more information, customer stories, anecdotes, etc. we can share that are not on this web page but might be helpful to you. Email us with your phone #  (or call us direct) and we will chat on the phone. You should know your vendor and we want to know our customers.


Most people are not sure what product or products they need to use, how much product they need, and what to expect when using those product(s). You cannot get that from just reading a web site and most web sites just want  you to order their product on-line and then go away. We're different. Please call or email us so that your project goes smoothly and it is Win-Win for everyone.

"You provide outstanding products, and Fantastic Support. Thank You." Brian S.  (call 603 435 7199 anytime)

"Thanks for all your advice, tips & moral support concerning my project. It turned out beautiful. Quality people backing a quality product is the only way to go!" Joe


You're talking with:  Paul Oman, MS, MBA -- Member since 1994: NACE (National Assoc. of Corrosion Engineers), SSPC (Soc. of Protective Coatings)  --  Technical Help - not sales talk!



WET DRY 700 (tm) - kevlar (tm) / feldspar/ceramic industrial grade epoxy paste. Cures underwater or on dry surfaces. If you only kept one epoxy putty repair product on your boat, workshop, or tool box, this would be it. This off-white epoxy (turns yellow over time) can be applied underwater. It has saved sinking boats, leaking swimming pools, repaired rotting window sills, and bonded wood to wood, wood to cement walls etc.  Wall mud or cake icing thick. Not be be confused with our thick light blue or white  Water Gard 300 epoxy paint which can also be applied underwater (generally pool repairs or marine barrier coats) or our thick, gray, kevlar (tm) reinforced epoxy underwater paint, Corro Coat fc2100A. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO on all three of these industrial epoxies.

Jeff (1/2013)   I cannot believe how incredible this Wet Dry 700 is. It's revolutionary. The original repair to my storm shelter would have lasted years if the shelter would just stop shifting around in the ground. DON'T STOP SELLING THIS STUFF.

 (10/2013)     Comments: Returning  -  Underwater boat repair - My third or fourth order and am still quite pleased with the result. It has many uses above and below the water line.

I feel that any person taking a boat to sea anywhere, anytime, should carry your product aboard and know how to apply it. If I can assist you in distributing or advertising your product, I am more than happy to do so.

Joy S. and Leslie B., US Yacht Banshee
Authors: Escape From Hermit Island

Order any of these two part EPOXY Products NOW



A Case Study Using Progressive Epoxy Polymer's  Underwater Epoxy - an early version of our WET DRY 700 Underwater Epoxy (BUY NOW).

 Underwater epoxy for Emergency hull repair - sinking yacht Case Study - now  in book form:


underwater epoxy


This is the "MARINE HOME PAGE" into our  Marine Epoxy - Boat Epoxy Resin Catalog. It contains lots of information and useful links You can spend some time here or "blow it off" and:



Basic No Blush Epoxy  VS


Premium No Blush Epoxy
BASIC NO BLUSH™ - our most popular all purpose marine epoxy  resin - great value and price! PREMIUM NO BLUSH™ - non-hazmat for quick AIR shipping and shipping outside the USA - cycloaliphatic curing system Worth considering if you want the Very Best
non blushing

very clear

easy mix ratio (1 : 2)

blendable hardeners ---  slow summer, regular and fast winter curing agents

nice medium viscosity

no VOCs (solvent free)

no formaldehyde in the formulation

formulated product - not simply repackaged raw resins from the big chemical companies

best prices!



non blushing

easy mix ratio (1.5 : 2)

cycloaliphatic curing system

nice medium viscosity

no VOCs (solvent free)

no formaldehyde in the formulation found in some of the popular epoxies

no nonyl phenol in the formulation (98% of epoxies contain Nonyl Phenol) no-nonyl means healthier and no reaction with enamel paint

formulated product - not simply repackaged raw resins from the big chemical companies

non hazmat to ship!

Amber colored curing agent helps bring out the color of natural wood finishes


  We do have regular customers that exclusively like and use the Premium No Blush over the Basic No Blush. The amber non hazmat curing agent (the Basic No Blush has a clear curing agent) provides a bit of warm color and maybe hides some of the UV Yellowing. I've hard reports that it is a slightly softer finish too (soft means more impact resistance). A very Premium marine epoxy at a price of about that the other guy's charge for their 'regular' epoxy.




3) Proceed to the Table of Contents Page/Index Page of our Marine Catalog. Everything you need for boat repair and stitch and glue boat building.

4) Goto our
Contact Page for links to our 2 web storefronts (www.epoxyusa.com is our simple site - not all products listed) and links to email or call us for questions or orders. Go from the contact page to our 3rd party storefront.


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The Marine Epoxy Everything Guide

Everything from user reviews, repair examples,

pricing issues and vendor evaluation tips


Basic No Blush 12 oz Marine Epoxy sampler

Marine Epoxy Catalog page (multiple epoxies)

Basic No Blush Marine Epoxy User Reviews / Feedback

How To Evaluating Marine Epoxy brands and Vendors

Marine Epoxy prices - what it really costs!

Stitch and glue Marine Epoxy construction

Marine Epoxy amine blush - what is epoxy Blush?

Boat repair examples using Marine Epoxy

Dinghy Marine Epoxy boat repair case study

Progressive Epoxy Polymer's marine web site

Buy two part Marine Epoxy now

Massive site of Internet boat links


We also catalog Internet floor epoxy links!


What Makes Water Gard 300 (tm) A Superior Epoxy Coating For Your Barrier Coat Application?

Water Gard 300 is not a simple epoxy paint but rather an epoxy adduct. In general terms epoxy adducts have some of the Part A resin added to the Part B curing agent during manufacture. The result is improvement in most of the coating's physical properties (which is way you are using an epoxy in the first place). This includes reduced yellowing, better curing and a host of other property improvements. A better epoxy for better results!

Learn more about epoxy adducts at the Vanguard Concrete Coating web site.




moisture cured urethane

Learn More - The Aluthane Page

Before Pictures

After Pictures



stitch-and-glue-epoxy.html - new to boat building?  Learn the insider's guide to stitch and glue  epoxy boat construction

clear marine epoxy - boat repair - boat building

Marine Photo Gallery

People that like boat building and clear marine epoxy projects also like pictures of classic boats, yachts, marine wrecks, naval ships and 'funny' boats.

Visit our photo gallery found at:


boat repair and boat building and clear marine epoxy


How much marine epoxy  resin 'goo' resin do I need?

Our thanks to Interlux's painting guide for the some of the following:

Area below the waterline (general formula: LOA X beam X .85 = wetted surface area)

Sailboats: 18 ft day sailor 120 squ feet; 21 ft trailerable 160 squ feet; 28 ft racer/cruiser 250 squ feet; 31 ft racer/cruiser 270 squ feet; 36 ft cruiser 330 squ feet; 41 ft cruiser 435; 53 ft cruiser 590 squ feet.

Motorboats: 18 ft runabout 120 squ feet; 21 ft runabout 150 squ feet; 28 ft cruiser 240 squ feet; 32 ft sportfish 300 squ feet; 36 ft cruiser 350 squ feet; 42 ft cruiser 500 squ feet; 53 ft cruiser 650 squ feet.

One Gallon of Two Part Marine  Resin will wet out this much fiberglass cloth:

60 squ feet of .75 oz mat; 30 squ ft of 1.5 oz mat; 85 squ feet of 6 oz cloth; 54 squ feet of 10 oz cloth; 35 squ feet of 18 oz woven roving; 28 squ feet of 24 oz woven mat

One of our Premium No Blush marine epoxy users reported back that they used 1 gallon to wet out 42 square feet of 18 oz cloth....

How much marine epoxy resin goo?

To wet out 6-9 oz fiberglass cloth, fill the weave with more than one coat, allow for waste, etc. figure about 50 - 60 square feet per gallon (my tests showed 97 squ feet of fiberglass saturated by 1 gal of marine epoxy).



epoxy marine epoxy kayak aluthane alunimim paint two part epoxy resin epoxy repair


Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. (since 1994)


marine resins - epoxy paints - bar top resins - floor epoxy - resin repair products - underwater epoxies

Stay for the pictures

Over 500 eye-catching pictures scattered across 200 epoxy pages on this major internet site

homepage -- contact page --- boat links --- floor links --- bar top epoxy


Important links:



stitch-and-glue-epoxy.html - new to boat building?  Learn the insider's guide to stitch and glue epoxy boat construction




Goto our 1-line product/price summary page MARINE or INDUSTRIAL

Boat Repair - Marine Products - Marine Tips and Tricks --- MASSIVE MARINE LINKS ON EPOXYPRODUCTS.COM SITE CLICK HERE

Fiberglass cloth for your epoxy Yes, we now carry fiberglass cloth sizes 3, 4, wide by 50 yards  - click here to visit

Painting / Coating over epoxy with enamel - warning .

comparing marine epoxies - what to look for - CLICK HERE (marine epoxy comparisons)

Fillets and thickened epoxy putties. Make your own or buy pre-thickened. See our fillers section and/or putty section. Lots of options.

Don't throw away your epoxy brushes and rollers! You can clean them with our TA 661 non-solvent, non-evaporating, reusable epoxy cleaning agent. TA 661 is in Section 8 (misc. products) of our marine catalog (you're in Section 1 right now). Click here to detour to Section 8.

Aluthane (tm) - an MCU sealer/tie coat/color changing sanding base. Use when restoring Wood, Fiberglass, or Metal hulled boats. ALUTHANE.  "Aluthane is for use on my fabric-covered airplane" - Joseph (11/14)

comparing two part marine epoxies - what to look for - CLICK HERE .

CLICK HERE TO GOTO OUR USER NOTES SECTION: FEEDBACK FROM FOLKS WHO HAVE USED THIS AND OUR OTHER EPOXIES. Info on 'epoxy turned white' - warnings about applying epoxies in late afternoon/evening especially in the Fall season.

Don't buy any two part epoxy until you understand 'amine blush'. Most brands of epoxies blush, ours do not. Find out why this is important to you. Click here to visit our BLUSH PAGE.

Everyone gets Distributor Pricing on our Basic No Blush (tm) Top Rated marine epoxy - details on epoxy pricing

Alphabetical index of all web pages CLICK HERE


Every boat repair project requires knowing product options, selecting the right products in the right amounts and knowing how to use those products. You can only do that with a one-on-one conversation with your product vendor.

Call (603-435-7199) or EMAIL me about what you're doing. We try to earn your business one phone call at a time!


"Thanks, Paul. You know what your downfall is??? You have such great customer
service nobody wants to use another company!!" -- Glenn


"Paul, you have outstanding products. Every product has out performed the highly advertised units I purchased elsewhere for past projects. Thank you."  (Dick - email 11/10/13)


Why order your epoxy resin from us?

We think we have several good reasons why you should buy your boat epoxy from us


1) we sell complete kits of resin and curing agent. No confusing: "purchase .83 gallons of resin and select .33 gallon unit of curing agent to purchase separately" nonsense;

2) if you're shopping for price try to beat our Basic No Blush (non blushing) marine epoxy ;

3) if price isn't your primary concern, we've got a wide selection of other epoxies with various performance levels to select from!

4) order from us and you get selections from more than just one formulating lab. Why trust your entire epoxy experience to just one lab's formulation or related family of formulations? Would you shop at a department store that only carried one brand of clothing or electronics?;

5) besides epoxy resins we offer epoxy paints, thickened repair epoxies, underwater epoxies, LPU polyurethanes, fillers such as copper powder, graphite, Teflon™, micro spheres, fumed silica, etc. We are the right place for all your coating, painting, resin needs;

6) we share all the information we have - case studies, helpful articles, data and MSDS sheets. We even post prices rather than hiding them on separate pages or making you call for them;

7) our epoxies are all carefully formulated by epoxy chemists. We do not simply repackage the raw resins manufactured in bulk by the giant chemical companies the way many (most?) of the other low cost resin vendors do (they not being knowledgeable enough to realize that this is not a good thing to confess to -- a quote from one of our competitor's web site - "I buy epoxy resins and hardeners from manufacturers such as Shell Oil, Dow Chemical, and Vantico (formerly Ciba-Geigy). I buy in drums and repackage into smaller containers." Note that none of the major marine epoxy vendors do this even though we would all boost our profits significantly. There is good reason for this.

If you've spent any time exploring our massive website, you can tell we know our products and their application and use so much better than anyone who simply pours chemicals from a 55 gallon drum into a gallon can. We are so much more than just product and price....

8) no formaldehyde in our No Blush™ epoxies unlike in at least one of our major competitors (check MSDS sheets before you purchase any epoxy).

9)speaking of prices, visit our industrial site (www.epoxyproducts.com/main.html) and you'll see many of the same products - all at the same prices. It's not unusual for marine epoxy vendors to sell to industry too (most or all do - in fact most of the big names make more money there than selling to boat owners), but they make viewing and comparing industrial and marine product prices extremely difficult because almost everyone thinks it's OK to charge boat owners four or five times more than what an industrial contractor is willing to pay. That doesn't cut it here at Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc.

10) you can spend your money on epoxy or on slick web site designers, shiny catalogs, 800 telephone numbers, trade show displays, Your call!


We really appreciate you visiting PROGRESSIVE EPOXY POLYMERS, INC. and our web site: EPOXYPRODUCTS.COM.  Take advantage of the CONTACT links on this page to ask questions about our products and/or your projects. You can stay in touch with us via our NEWSLETTER (link on our contact page) which is emailed  every 6-8 weeks.

This current page is all about:


Rated #1 NON BLUSHING best two part marine epoxy resin - Marine Distributor Epoxy Prices

Best Marine Epoxy Clear Two Part Resin - LOW EPOXY PRICES


Order this two part EPOXY Product NOW

More customer feedback and comments on Basic No Blush epoxy resin - CLICK HERE.

how to compare two part marine epoxies and vendors - click here

Everyone gets Distributor Pricing for our top rated Basic No Blush two part epoxy resin ("goo") - details

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Build This Boat

Subject: my Internet order
Date: Fri 30, May 2003
From: Peter & Bobbie peteraaaaa@aaaaa
To: info@epoxyproducts.com

Dear Paul,

When something's good happen.......you should tell someone...right!!! Not only
complaining. Well I'm impressed, I ordered 1pound of one of your products late
may 27th........and got it today may 30th!!!!!!!First I didn't believe I could get this
small amount and 2nd not in this time frame!!! Its sometimes hard to get a small
amounts for 'testing'....200 or 500 pounds well no problem.

In the last 40 years I have not done business with a company like yours......there
is only one word ....... JOB WELL DONE. You really know the needs of your

It was a pleasure doing business with your company, I already put your name to
my "Favorites" on my computer.

Thanks again, have a great day.


You've just made a new fan, Paul. My husband, Jerry, is hard to
impress. We read your
"Everyone's Guide to Instant Epoxy Expertise"
while driving home from the boat the other day. He was impressed with
the depth of information (you went where some fear to tread) and the
evenhandedness with which you delivered it. We just got something
else in the mail from you, and he stole it away out of the mail pile
to read at his leisure.

The September issue went out the door yesterday. You're in there.
Welcome aboard!

Karen Larson
Good Old Boat Magazine,
Bringing together a community of sailors who love and sail good old

below: Paul's stitch and glue marine epoxy project

wooden boat building stitch and glue

epoxy plywood boat stitch and glue

See our annual winter boat projects.....

Building the Stitch and Glue, plywood, "Portuguese Style Dinghy" (winter 2008/2009) - CLICK HERE

Building TOTO (winter 2007/2008) - a plywood Stitch and Glue Kayak - CLICK HERE



 Wet Dry 700 Epoxy

Ultimate Repair Epoxy Paste

Above and below the Waterline

Like Nothing You Have Ever Worked With Before!

Need to fix, glue, patch, fill, bond, coat or cover something underwater? Need to reinforce/wrap corroded, damaged or leaking pipes (with epoxy and fiberglass cloth)? Need to do a fiberglass cloth and epoxy repair with a non sagging epoxy paste? (even underwater?). How about sealing electrical connections in a ‘glob’ of waterproof epoxy? Patching some wood rot? One of our customers repaired serious rot in an 100 year old marine railway submerged under 12 feet of water.

Wet Dry 700 has saved sinking boats (and sunk boats - read Escape From Hermit Island available at Amazon.com. The authors recommend you don’t leave your dock without this epoxy - see epoxyproducts.com/cs_boat.html). It is also used on leaking pools and corroding barge mounted floating homes.

Welcome to the world of Wet Dry 700 (tm) Epoxy

Wet Dry 700 (tm) epoxy paste is a leading example of consumer driven epoxy technology, resulting in a versatile, field friendly repair product for difficult environments. Wet Dry is a solvent free, high performance epoxy reinforced with kevlar (tm) pulp and feldspar/ceramic. It can be applied to wet, damp, or dry surfaces.

Wet Dry 700 looks a bit like joint compound (dry wall mud), or cake icing with a simple 1 to 1 mix ratio that you can ‘eyeball’. A scoop of Part A and an equal scoop of Part B and you are ready to go.

This is one of our top selling epoxies. People first buy it for a specific project and then generally buy more just to have on hand.

"I cannot believe how incredible this Wet Dry 700 is. It's revolutionary. The original repair to my storm shelter would have lasted years if the shelter would just shifting around in the ground. DON'T STOP SELLING THIS STUFF!"  Jeff 1/2013

Order this EPOXY product NOW

(10/2013)     Comments: Returning  -  Underwater repair

"My third or fourth order and am still quite pleased with the result. It has many uses above and below the water line"

Another Amazing ProductALUTHANE aluminum Moisture Cured Urethane Coating - corrosion fighting, heat reflecting, temperature resistant sealer, primer, top coat. Use on wood, metal, fiberglass, cement. READ MORE


Amazing Products - Amazing Support 

(see our home page CLICK HERE)

data sheets and msds and SDS sheets at epoxyproducts.com/datamsds.html





underwater epoxy

"Protecting surfaces under the

water sounds challenging, but

Paul Oman reveals the secrets

of third generation epoxy paints

that can be used and

applied underwater."


Asia/Pacific Coatings Journal

April 2004

uderwater epoxy paint

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A Case Study Using Progressive Epoxy Polymer's  Underwater Epoxy - WET DRY 700 Underwater Epoxy  and Corro Coat FC2100A (BUY NOW) read how our epoxies and customer service saved the day over a decade ago (2003).  Read more (click here). Those products and service still available to you - call 603 435 7199 anytime and ask for Paul Oman.

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Progressive Epoxy Polymers'  Paul Oman

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Dec 2008 from Doug: "The following is my opinion of a good company. My affiliation is as a DIY end user. No recompense, no funny business: I've been refurbishing our 1973 ketch and have done some epoxy work in that process. I've never worked with epoxy before this. I talked to several local glass workers and researched on line to learn a bit about epoxy. I searched for different vendors and their prices. I settled on a place in New Hampshire called Progressive Epoxy Polymers. (http://www.epoxyproducts.com/main.html)

My first thought was, what a mess of a website. I found it very confusing. Since I first came upon it, there have been improvements made to make it more "user friendly". Aside from that, the site is most informative to this beginning DIY'r. I was won over by the explanations, descriptions of chemistries, MSD's , suggested usages, and personal responsiveness of the owner and his wife. I did a calculation of prices per ounce, approximating the match of the different brand's products. I realize that there is no way I can say I'm comparing the same chemistry of different brands. Nevertheless, Progressive Epoxy prices remain the best I have found.

I've used the Premium No Blush (~15 gallons), Low-V (~2 gal), a putty with kevlar, and some elastomeric stuff. In addition I've used the fumed silica, micro balloons, ezy-thick, chopped glass & milled glass.

Progressive Epoxy Polymers is my epoxy source, I recommend them."

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