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Bathroom Penny Floor

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We are the only table top / bar top / penny floor epoxy source that offers as one of our multiple epoxy options (option #3), a multi coat, non blushing, epoxy with bubble breakers and extended work times (for better self leveling and larger penny floor projects). Consider Basic No Blush Epoxy with Slow Summer Curing agent. We can offer these kinds of options because we are an epoxy company and not a marketing firm selling some generic bulk product through a slick web site.



We are a long established  epoxy company and have epoxies for all sorts of applications including four different options for epoxy covered table tops and bar tops. There are some similarities and some big differences between table tops and penny floors. We will not repeat all the similarities. To get a feel for the epoxy process and options visit our bar top and table top site. Note the penny floors are inside building so UV yellowing of epoxy is not that much of an issue. But, epoxies are sort of soft so your floor my scratch easily. Often a top coat of marine spar varnish (used on wood floors) is applied over the epoxy as a repairable top coat.



Differences between Bar Tops and Penny Floor Top Coat Epoxies

# 1)  cost!! - a gallon of epoxy applied a 1/4 of an inch thick only covers 6 square feet and that gallon costs about $75 so that is about $12.50 per square feet. That might be an OK price on a small table (or a commercial bar top generating thousands of dollars of sales each night) but way too much for the 50 or 100 square foot bathroom or lobby. Three rolled on coats of epoxy costs about $2 - $2.25 per square foot.


#2) levelness - for a thick coat of epoxy to form an even surface it needs to be level. You can level a table top but your bathroom floor is probably far from perfectly level. It could be off by 1/4 inch or 3/4 of an inch from one end of the room to the other. So all our epoxy will pool toward the low end of the floor. Even worse, it could find a tiny gap along the floor and wall and disappear into the wall or the room below.

Bathroom Penny Floor



How To Top Coat Your Penny Floor With Epoxy


# 1) grout your penny floor with a non snowy white grout (pure white will show even the tiniest amount of epoxy yellowing or any sort of stain)


#2) bubbles from air in the grout or around the pennies my form. So, 1) apply a solvent based, very thin epoxy sealer over everything, 2) add solvent to the top coat epoxy and apply a thin coat of that mix over the penny floor; 3) just apply a coat of the top coat epoxy over the penny floor - make it a thin coat..... The solvent thinned primer is called ESP 155 and cannot be sold in California.


#3) apply a marine type epoxy that contains bubble breakers and a slow curing agent (for longer working time) over the surface. Apply with brush - roller - squeegee as thick or thin as you like (obviously sort of thin if your floor is not level and a thicker coat will run and pool in the low spots of the floor/room). You can repeat this step as many times as you like until it has the thickness you are looking for. Cost is about $2 - $2.25 per square foot for the epoxy applied in three coats of the Basic No Blush clear epoxy with slow curing agent.  No one else offers a clear table top, bar top, or penny floor with a slow set curing agent.


#4) consider applying a coat or two marine spar varnish (our India Spar Varnish - not for sale in California) was a repairable top coat finish over the epoxy. This is the finish found on boats and hardwood floors. It is slightly amber but will appear clear and glossy unless you used white grout.


Both ESP 155 and Basic No Blush can be found on our Favorite Products page.

"I appreciate your help, and especially that you are available by phone...and answer the phone. Thanks again". ---- Tim  9/16

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