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Water based epoxies are used on concrete floors as a sealer, a primer, and optionally as the complete floor coating itself.



Water-Based Commercial DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Paint
Water Bond Professional water based garage epoxy floor paint Learn more


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Water Bond™ is both a floor coating epoxy and/or an epoxy-based concrete primer

We have tested and evaluated water based epoxies before and were not impressed enough to add them to our product line until Water Bond came along. We consider this epoxy to be a superior water based epoxy and one that should seriously consider if you are in the market for a water based epoxy.

Water based epoxies are used on concrete floors as a sealer, a primer, and optionally as the complete floor coating itself.


Like most 100% solids floor epoxies, water based Water Bond™ epoxy is almost odorless (no worse than latex wall paint) and offers good chemical and abrasion resistance. Both offer good adhesion. The Water Bond™ finish will be much thinner than even a single coat of the 100% solids epoxy. Water Bond™ is also non-hazmat to ship while nearly all 100% solids floor epoxies are not. Is is less affected by UV yellowing than the other epoxies (although it only comes in medium gray vs. a wider selection of colors with the other epoxies).

Being water based, Water Bond™ will soak into porous surfaces such as concrete, before it cures, thus resulting in a bond that is probably stronger than the ‘surface only' bond achieved with 100% solids epoxies. This is why it makes an excellent primer under 100% solids epoxies (or apply a second coat and use the Water Bond™ as the finished surface coating as well).

It also works as a sealer/primer over surface degreased concrete helping. Some contractors will ‘surface seal' areas of freshly degreased concrete with a water based epoxy primer to ‘lock in' any remaining grease or oils that still might be present from migrating back to the surface and causing adhesion problems. Right or wrong, this sounds like a smart extra step to take considering the huge downside that results when a floor coating fails do to adhesion problems.

Water Bond™ offers the widest range of anti-slip and/or decorative treatments. For starters, one coat (sometimes two coats) is generally thin enough to let the original (anti-slip) texture of the concrete to remain. Water Bond™ is also thin enough to allow the use of our very fine ‘Sugar Sand' anti-slip additive (note: in thicker coatings the sugar sand disappears into the coating) which gives a sandpaper like finish. However, the coating is also thick enough to permit the use of our much larger walnut shell anti-slip additive.

It will also accept the broadcast of colored sands and/or ‘vinyl chips' on to its surface.

Unlike the water based floor epoxies sold in hardware stores, Water Bond™ is slightly 'breathable' letting vapor pressure from below pass through rather than 'lift' the epoxy. Also, Water Bond™ has no 'induction time' (required waiting time between mixing and application). Induction time is generally a sign of a 'low end' epoxy. Also, if the induction time varies from batch to batch, the final gloss mould vary from batch to batch.


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Water-Based Commercial DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Paint
Water Bond Professional water based garage epoxy floor paint Learn more

Recommended for home use - less likely to have problems compared to 'regular' solvent free epoxy that rely completely on surface only bonding. Most forgiving floor epoxy in terms of surface preparation.

As with all water based coatings - best used in low humidity/dry conditions - as the water in the product has to evaporate away. Wet, humid conditions can prevent this, leaving 'yellowly' water droplets or puddles on the surface of the epoxy. Blowers/fans blowing over the surface of the epoxy during humid conditions will aid the evaporation.


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Water-Based Commercial DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Paint
Water Bond Professional water based garage epoxy floor paint Learn more