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THIS SECTION (intro page) : Paint, repair underwater. Most commonly swimming pool touch up --  emergency boat repair


We offer a range of different epoxies that can be applied underwater (a rather unique property of a limited number of epoxy products. By far, our primary users are people purchasing 1.5 quart units of our WATER GARD 300 epoxy for personal swimming pool small area touch up and minor repair (not practical to paint the entire pool) without draining the water. Our WET DRY 700 underwater epoxy paste fixes darn near everything, above or below the waves! We are one of the last vendors of the original underwater epoxy SPLASH ZONE A-788. Mix our thin LOW V epoxy with sand and make underwater cement.




Yes you can apply some of our special epoxies underwater.

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underwater epoxy











Commercial Aquarium repair



Splash Zone A-788 -- Wet Dry 700 -- Corro Coat fc2100A -- Water Gard 300

(plus our thin MARINE EPOXY like Low V epoxy)



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