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Shipping Container Restoration

Epoxy Floor Sealing (the recommended floor sealing choice on

shipping container blogs)


These two sites #1 (TinCanCabin. com


This site originally covered our Low V epoxy is detail to seal the floor. Recent updates to the site have almost completely removed direct mention of Low V epoxy to seal the floors. References to Low V epoxy remain in the links to past posts - including these two below. The reference to Progressive is us. We are Progressive Epoxy Polymers, inc.(  - Note that Low V epoxy CAN be applied to wet or damp floors and is non blushing.

1) "I’m not sure where you got the idea that my epoxy did not adhere well, as I’ve had absolutely no problems with it. While I agree that you will get the best bond applying a second coat within 24 hours, I consulted with Progressive on my application interval and they said it would not be a problem. The low temperatures that time of year precluded full curing in a single day and had to wait until I returned the next weekend."


2) Low V epoxy I used is sold as a three gallon kit. As to whether or not two coats is sufficient, I personally don’t know.   Note the Low V epoxy is actually sold in 1.5 gal kits (order at - one kit for a 20 ft container floor, two kits (3 gal) for a 40 foot shipping container floor. It is thin and solvent free (no fumes or odors) - only one coat is necessary.


and #2 (

This site still mentions our Low V epoxy for sealing the floor - it even has a picture of the product! (see below - these three pictures are from this web site - 1.5 gal Low V epoxy kit - mixing the epoxy - end result).


"We did a lot of research when it came to the flooring and what products we should use to seal it up.  We wanted the floors to be safe.  Eventually we would be sleeping here on weekend trips, and one day there will be a baby (babies?) crawling around causing madness.   We decided to mix Epoxy Clear Base and Epoxy Curing Agent together to create a sealing effect on the container flooring.  We bought these products  (PROGRESSIVE EPOXY PRODUCTS) ... and they were helpful in deciding what products would be best.  They focus on redoing boat floors, decks, swimming pools and nuclear reactors (seriously) so they know epoxies."  


Order LOW V epoxy at EPOXYUSA.COM - One 1.5 gal unit for a 20 ft container - Two 1.5 units for a 40 ft container. Call 603 435 7199 EST to discuss or order from a real person.











Rust control, heat reflecting (mostly for the roof), lead base paint sealer - also available here!


Rust is also a big issue with shipping containers

fight rust and protect yourself from the lead based paints

used on shipping containers. Our Aluminum based moisture cured urethane

(MCU) seals rust, covers lead based paints and reflects heat when applied on the roof. More info on ALUTHANE MCU


Part 1 of 2:

Why You Need To Seal The Wood Floor In Your Shipping Container


There are several  popular web sites that relates how someone converted an old shipping container into a rustic cabin, storage space, man cave, etc. Special care was suggested regarding sealing the wood floor which might contain unhealthy chemicals contaminating the wood. 

"Hi Paul  ---  hey we love the epoxy... we got another container so we want to do it again ...

We need enough for a 40-foot container floor, same as b4"
-- Terri 1/19

Low V epoxy is a very thin, clear epoxy. Simple 2:1 mix. Recommended epoxy for sealing or as a penetrating epoxy when solvent is added. Clear, with just a trace of amber color. A very popular, general purpose, low viscosity, clear epoxy. Will bond to damp surfaces. Used for sealing in the chemicals found in the treated floors of shipping containers (and as a 'base' for carpet, etc. going over the container floor). Also used in repairing rotted wood and injected into ‘soft’ wood cores on fiberglass boat decks. A 1.5 gal unit of Low V epoxy will seal a 20 ft container. Two units for a 40 ft container.

Order this product by calling 603-435-7199 anytime or order the regular version of Low V epoxy online using this link: EPOXY NOW


Low V epoxy - CLICK HERE for data/tech documents in PDF format. This link, and links for all products, can also be found at


Part 2 of 2:

Why You Need To Seal The Rusty Metal Walls, Roof, and Sides Of Your Shipping Container


MCU Aluthane (tm) not for sale in California

 Aluthane is a moisture cured urethane (MCU) that is pigmented with aluminum - hence an aluminum paint. The aluminum flake pigment and the MCU properties themselves, provide a excellent brush/roller/spray on barrier to air and moisture.

Aluthane will seal off existing lead based paints, reflect heat, seal off rust. It can be applied to less than perfectly prepped surfaces.

One gallon will cover 400 sf (recommended you apply 2 coats for max rust protection). You can top coat aluthane with safe latex or enamel paint for whatever color look you want!


What is an MCU Coating? 


Aluthane (tm) is an MCU coating. MCU stands for Moisture Cured Urethane and makes a very superior high performance  coating. These are a unique type of coating much better known in commercial industrial painting circles than within the general public market.  Most MCU coatings use tiny aluminum flake as pigment which gives them their classic silvery/gray color and enhances their remarkable properties.

MCU contain lots of solvents which aids in penetrating tiny cracks and crevices. The coating scavenges moisture from its contact surfaces and the air and undergoes an cross-linking molecular process which 'grips' or grabs onto surfaces for outstanding adhesion, even with poorly prepared surfaces. Removing internal surface moisture removes one of the key components necessary for rust development.

The resulting dry surface (aided by the stacking aluminum pigment platelets) provides a physical barrier to air and oxygen, another necessary component for rust to form.  The result is a thin, hard coating that seals our air, water, salts, minerals etc.  essentially encapsulating the surface  It therefore is one of the best, easy to apply, rust and corrosion control coatings.

Its amazing adhesion results in a versatile coating well suited for use on steel, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass, wood etc. It can be used as a primer/sealer, a middle coat or a exposed as a topcoat. The aluminum pigmented versions have no UV issues, can be applied at low temperatures and operate at temperatures of up to about 400 degrees F. Besides being used as a rust stopper is also has applications on  boats, roofing and flooring applications. In is used a lot in the industrial, automotive, marine and farm marketplaces.


For more information on this product google  aluthane or CLICK HERE for the Aluthane home page .

Order this product by calling 603-435-7199 anytime or order online using this link to our Primary Web Store:  EPOXYPRODUCTS


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