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THIS SECTION (intro page) :Thickened epoxies - make your own or purchase pre-thickened epoxy?

In a Nutshell


Thickened epoxies are used to fill voids, patch and glue and to fair surfaces.

Should you just thicken 'regular' epoxy with fillers or purchase pre-thickened epoxy?



MAKE YOUR OWN: There are several different fillers - thickeners that you can add to epoxy. Many professionals like to use a combination of fillers and thickeners worked out over years of experience. The mix can vary with the specific application depending upon the results required. We sell a wide range of fillers and thickeners for both marine and non-marine applications (perhaps more options here than anyone else). Also, by making your own thickened epoxy you can control how thick the mixture becomes.

DOWNSIDE: 1) you cannot mix in these fillers and thickeners the way the factory can with high speed blenders etc.

2) it takes a lot of fillers and thickeners to thicken epoxy. It surprises people to discover that it takes about 2 quarts of fillers/thickeners added to 1 quart of epoxy to make just over 1 quart of thickened epoxy. That is 8 quarts of thickeners per gallon of epoxy. These products sell for about $8 to $15 a quart. That's a lot of money for a good sized batch of thickened epoxy!

3) shipping for a few quarts of fillers and thickeners is usually expensive - it can cost more (US mail or UPS) to ship than the price of the product. The only way around this is to purchase epoxy as well and let the thickeners sort of "ride free" shipping cost-wise with the epoxy.


PURCHASE PRE-THICKENED EPOXY: We offer several different thickened epoxies, from the structural, Kevlar (tm) and ceramic WET DRY 700 EPOXY (which can ever be applied  underwater for all sorts of emergency repairs), to a creamy, non-structural EPOXY CREAM used for fairing. We are one of the few remaining sources for SPLASH ZONE A-788 - a chewing gum or thicker epoxy used underwater and for "off-label" engine repairs.

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