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THIS SECTION (intro page) : The stone and epoxy decks around pools and patio need resealing every 2 - 5 years. It is an easy DYI project


PEBBLE DECK DECKS - (chattahoochee decks, river stone, etc.)


Reseal when temps are in the 60s and 70s and just before you start seeing loose stones. Order a unit of No Blush epoxy to fix and glue back down loose stones while you wait for cooler weather, The same epoxy is used for repair and re-sealing your pebble deck. This link also includes directions on creating pebble decks from scratch.



You won't find this product, or products like it, in a general purpose, mass market, consumer, DIY, box store or flashy marketing company website.


Pebble decks around pools and patios have different names in different parts of the country. Pebble stone decks need recoating every 2 - 5 years (sooner if you hired a contractor to do it and they 'cut all sorts of corners' to maximize their profits - the reason why a majority of people reseal their stone decks themselves).  If you see loose pebbles and stones you are past the time you should have resealed the deck with new epoxy.  You cannot re-seal in hot summer temps. You also need a window of several rain/dew free days before and after application. Water on freshly applied epoxy (from rain or some "under the epoxy" source will turn the epoxy white and there is nothing you can do about it. The best temps to reseal are the 70s. You can, however, glue back down the loose stones and other general repairs while waiting for cooler weather. The same epoxy is used, so off-season repairs will give you some experience on what to expect with the epoxy (a good thing) - before buying gallons of epoxy that you don't know much about.


The epoxy you use for repairs and resealing is our Basic No Blush epoxy and optional split rollers. You can still repair a few loose stones and reseal everything, but do not delay much longer. Lose enough stones the then entire deck will need to be removed and replaced. A 1.5 gal kit of the Basic No Blush epoxy will re-seal about 200 sf.


Visit our pebble stone deck page which is mostly about re-sealing, but the bottom of the site also includes the CORRECT way to create a new pebble stone deck (most contractors and on-line videos skip important steps out of ignorance or to increase their profits. It looks great up-front, but doesn't last). In parts of the country contractors are forced to cut corners (cheat) in order to stay in business with corner cutting competitors and hot summer weather. They win, you lose. That is why a lot of people switch to resealing their pebble decks themselves. 


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