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THIS SECTION (intro page) : Floor epoxies and epoxy floor epoxy options (primers, colored chip epoxy floors, colored sand epoxy floors. Penny floors. What can go wrong.....)


There are several kinds of floor epoxies, and multiple methods to apply optional color chips, non-skid options, etc. Are you looking for function or looks? Your floor could be a 1 to 7 coat system. Probably too many decisions to make without first talking to a professional. And lots of bad products out there wanting your attention.  Probably best to email us or call (603 435 7199) before starting an epoxy floor project.


 FLOOR EPOXY OPTIONS (dozens of foor epoxy web links all across the internet)


Let's talk floors - 603 435 7199


penny floors - CLICK HERE


  garage coatings ---  WE ONLY OFFER COMMERCIAL/CONTRACTOR grade floor epoxies, not the lower quality box store/consumer web site products that have flooded the market over the last few year.

Professionals serving Professionals (and informed consumers) - Member: NACE (National Assoc. of Corrosion Engineers)  - SSPC (Soc. of Protective Coatings)  -  BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (buy with trust)


Now offering: SLOW SUMMER CURE  for our 100% solids  floor epoxy- call for options 603 435 7199


Low V Epoxy (solvent free - odorless)

Recommended for Shipping Container floor seal/coating


Low V (catalog)  -----  BUY NOW

Also consider Aluthane (TM) mcu aluminum paint to cover lead based paint and stop/prevent rust on container walls/roof


you can order bulk order our Industrial Floor Epoxy in any gallon amount over 15 gallons packed in five gallon pails(besides our standard 1.5 gal units packed in DIY cans)


Also Available - Epoxy Concrete Primer and Sealer (ESP 155 not for sale in CA) and Internal Concrete Sealer (Bio Vee Seal) leaves nothing on the surface. You might only need the ESP 155 (thus saving $$$). Do you need these under your epoxy floor coating? Call to find out. 603 435 7199

- A top problem solving coating - best seller



You won't find these products, or products like it, in a general purpose, mass market, consumer, DIY, box store or flashy marketing company website.



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