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THIS SECTION (intro page) : Things to add to your epoxy to thicken, pigment, strengthen etc.


FOR BOATS BUILDERS (just one of our options to thicken your epoxy with) AND FLY FISHERMEN love it too!

fumed silica


"Paul, This is my 2nd order with your company... When a dry fly becomes waterlogged, I squeeze it between layers of an absorbent cloth, then apply the fumed silica with the brush working it into all parts of the fly. It then floats like new, if not better."


Scott (9/7/09) "I catch more fish with your product than anything else I've ever tried! Thanks!" 

This product is featured on the website - 2 quart unit of fumed silica is a top seller with fishermen and boat builders - also the EZ Thick epoxy thickener for boat repair projects.

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