Two Part Epoxy Paints

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THIS SECTION (intro page) :Two part epoxy paints - leaking basements, tanks, pits (apply underwater epoxy paints are on a different page)

Two Part Epoxy Paints


We also have other 1 and 2 part Polyurethane paints and Traditional Marine Spar Varnish - (most of these cannot be sold in California)



** Some are designed for SELF LEVELING FLOOR SURFACES, others can be applied UNDERWATER or on WET or DAMP surfaces (swimming pools? - boat repair?)

** Some are simple resin systems (like marine epoxy or Low V epoxy - used to seal in the poisons in shipping container floors)

** One epoxy paint is approved for potable drinking water in tanks over 50 gallons

** Some contain solvents but most are solvent free so no smell or fumes

** One product is an epoxy primer - sealer (ESP 155) that is often used UNDER epoxy (or latex, or enamel etc) paints.


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