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THIS SECTION (intro page) : We are the only company that offers more than one option. Why? because are an epoxy company - not a marketing company selling the cheapest imported epoxy they can find (they same stuff their competitors import and sell). They are anything but epoxy coating experts with technical backgrounds. Their web sites and presentations are full of mis-information. An example of what we can offer is our Basic No Blush (tm) epoxy with slow summer curing agent (note that all epoxies  yellow, especially in sunlight - the other folks don't know or will not tell  you this up front. Our No Blush as 'normal' epoxy yellowing, less yellowing than a lot of the other epoxies available. Our professional grade Bio Clear 810 as some of the least amount of  yellowing on the market).

In a Nutshell


As an epoxy/coatings vendor, we offer four different epoxies offering for four different epoxy thicknesses. No one else can do this and no one else lets you know you have this option. It may surprise you to know that the thinner and cheaper epoxy options might be better for your project. We also offer two different UV blocking non epoxy top coats (not for sale in California) for a more durable, repairable surface and one that can allow your table to be used outdoors. Note that a marine spar varnish topcoat can be polished and waxed to a mirror like finish. Remember those movies where the bartender slings a stein of beer sliding down the bar?



detailed info - a must read if you are considering Bar Tops with our most professional grade of epoxy -- Bio Clear 810 epoxy - CLICK .



epoxy bar top bottle caps

Epoxy bottle top bar

Bio Clear 810 epoxy man cave Bottle Cap Bar

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Bio Clear 810 epoxy Cork Bar


"Love the product (Bio Clear 810) these past six years I've been using it."

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Bio Clear 810 (tm)- Table top epoxy for Professionals


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