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How This Web Site is Organized


Section 1 - Product information and notes

Section 2 - Marine use

Section 3 - Pebble deck use

Section 4 - Table top and bar top use

Section 5 - Penny Floor use

Section 6 - Metallic floor use

Section 7 - Technical data

Section 8 - Useful links

Section 9 - No Blush epoxy pricing - Packaging

Section 10 - Legal stuff - returns

WE OFFER A SPECIAL VERSION OF BASIC NO BLUSH (Basic No Blush BARTOP) for table, bar top, and penny floor applications.



basic no blush marine epoxy

1.5 gal unit of Basic No Blush Epoxy


Section 1 - Product information and notes


BASIC NO BLUSH is a formulated (see below on what that means) marine epoxy available with fast/winter curing agent (good to below freezing work temperatures for "fast setting" at normal temperatures), a normal curing agent (generally used in temps from about 45 to 85 degrees), and a slow/summer curing agent (good for hot weather or when a longer pot life is helpful such as in vacuum injection projects or very large glassing projects at normal temperatures). The different curing agents can be blended together to create different pot life scenarios as long as the 2 parts resin to 1 part curing agent mix ratio is maintained.


11/24/08 AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm doing epoxy/fiberglass cloth boat building here in NH using the Basic No Blush with the Winter (fast) curing agent. The epoxy is stored in my basement at 50 degrees. The boat building is happening in my garage at temps in the mid 30s. The epoxy is hard the next day.

Customer confirms it: "I just used your low temp resin on a cedar strip canoe and it is excellent. Temp dropped to 31 deg. at night and the resin came out next morning glass hard and clear as air. --- Mark S."


BASIC NO BLUSH is a non-blushing (no amine blush) epoxy resin. The competition (some of them) also offer non blushing versions of their epoxy but at a much greater cost than their 'regular' marine epoxy. When doing product comparisons be sure to compare their non blushing versions to our BASIC NO BLUSH.



One of our marine epoxy competitors (now a mere impersonal, product line sub-division within a big industrial corporation) claims a 30% savings in time using non blushing marine epoxies. Non blushing marine epoxies do not require washing or sanding between epoxy coats or top coating with other paints. Note that we offer Basic No Blush marine epoxy with fast, slow and regular curing agents (and it also includes bubble breakers for a more perfect finish). Our Premium No Bush epoxy is Nonyl free and uses an special curing agent is can be air shipped (shipped without restrictions). 


BASIC NO BLUSH is the only epoxy in its class that contains "bubble breakers". This stops or reduces unsightly bubbles in the epoxy due to mixing or outgassing from the substrate or fiberglass cloth. It is more useful in non-marine applications of BASIC NO BLUSH such as epoxy table or bar tops.

BASIC NO BLUSH is also used to: 1) create or re-seal pebble stone decks around pools and patios, 2) on epoxy table tops and bar tops, 3) on penny floors, 4) the epoxy resin used with "metallic floors". This link (click here) takes you to another basic no blush web site that explores these non-marine (and marine) applications of basic no blush epoxy in more detail. The are covered here on this website - pls scroll down.

BASIC NO BLUSH is a 2:1 mix ratio epoxy (by volume). It is sold in 1.5 gal units packed in plastic one gallon jugs. It is also available in 3 quart units, packed in  metal cans. Both are shipped UPS ground from New Hampshire. The factory in Rhode Island packages and ships 15 gallon units (or any gallon amount larger than 15 gallons) packed in 5 gallon plastic pails. The epoxy can also be picked up, by appointment only, in either the New Hampshire or Rhode Island location. See packaging section below.

BASIC NO BLUSH is only shipped by 'ground' and only to addresses in the lower 48 domestic states.

FORMULATED VS. REPACKAGED RESIN SYSTEMS  ---  A very small number of the giant chemical companies make epoxy resins and curing agents. The major marine epoxy companies - WEST, MAS, SYSTEM THREE, PROGRESSIVE EPOXY (that's us!) purchase these raw materials and then formulate/blend/modify them into their marine epoxy products. The small, discount epoxy sellers buy the bulk raw chemicals from the giant chemical companies and decant them into small units for resale. They do not formulate or modify/blend the raw chemicals. They simply repackage the 'raw' resins (which are usually too brittle for many applications).

FORMALDEHYDE  --  At least one of the major epoxy vendors uses formaldehyde in their curing agents! Check the MSDS of your vendor's epoxy for this chemical. Formaldehyde is a nasty chemical that can may be responsible for 'pre-mature' epoxy sensitivity which results in a nasty and the end of one's ability to work with epoxies. Formaldehyde was a common chemical additive in my products in the 60s and 70s, but is now rare.


REPEAT: Some people develop a serious skin rash etc. after working with epoxies (skin contact) over a period of years. It has ended more than one 'epoxy career'. It seems to vary slightly from epoxy to epoxy, but there is probably no escape if you develop this sensitivity. Factors that may affect this issue include: formaldehyde in the formulation, nonyl phenol in the formulation, blushing epoxies (because you have to physically 'clean' the not fully cured epoxy). Our Premium No Blush™ epoxy is formaldehyde free, non blushing, nonyl free, and non hazmat to ship.


Subject: boat

"Hey there, I finally finished my boat. It is covered one end to other with y'alls epoxy. I really like your Basic No Blush marine epoxy and still no rash!"

Mike (Mike had suffered from Epoxy Sensitivity and skin rashes from other epoxies. He had no rash problem with our epoxy)

Section 2 - Marine use

Basic No Blush marine epoxy has a long list of private and professional boat builders. Most recently (2016 -2017) The Drummond Island Tall Ship Company built the 72 foot schooner Huron Jewel using Basic No Blush epoxy. (CLICK HERE) Over 160 gallons of epoxy were used - switching from the standard curing agent to the winter and summer curing agents as the seasons changed. Other professional builders include a Drift Boat company, a boat building school, and it was used to construct one of the boats in a 'row across the Atlantic' competition several years ago. Read about the professional restoration of a Thistle Class sailboat with our epoxies. Some of our other epoxies can be applied underwater have been used to rebuild a 100 year old wooden marine railway in 12 feet of water and repair and raise a sunken yacht at a Pacific Island Atoll.  Read all about it in the book "Escape From Hermit Island" available at Amazon.com.


marine eopxy project boat building boat building epoxy basic no blush

Basic No Blush ™ The favorite marine epoxy of amateur and professional boat builders

Dory sea trials - Wind & Oar Boat School - Basic No Blush epoxy customers




epoxy boat building example


Section 3 - Pebble deck use

We were pleased to report that our Basic No Blush™ epoxy is also ideal for the construction and the resealing of ‘pebble decks' common around swimming pools and patios. The right combination of price, performance and viscosity (not too thin, not too thick) has made it a favorite with pebble deck owners for almost a decade. This market now accounts for about 25% of the Basis No Blush™ sales.

resealed stone deck with epoxy

Section 4 - Table top and bar top use


Basic No Blush epoxy is one of several epoxies we offer for table tops and bar tops. Visit our TABLE TOP page - click here.


epoxy table top


Table - Bar Top Epoxy Supplier Warning

We suspect our competitors use low quality, resins from overseas. We see the same bad grammar and crazy statements on the product sheets of our competitors. Also, most American formulated epoxies are a 2:1 mix by volume while epoxies from China always seem to have a 1:1 mix ratio. Here is an email I received from an epoxy supplier in China in June 2019. It is possible (and likely) that our competitors are using this product or something very similar to it from other suppliers in China. We offer several table - bar top - resin systems (including one with bubble breakers) all made in the USA and shipped with product production batch numbers on each container. All of our epoxies are formulated products where the raw resins and raw curing agents from the major chemical companies are our starting point and not the final product repackaged and shipped out.

Chinese Email (9/2019) ---

"New Table Top Coating Epoxy Worth To Know

MTB-2209, 100% Solid, VOC Free Clear Epoxy Resin For table top coating
Wood table, Bar table ect.
Your reply will be appreciate
MeiTaiBang Chemical website: glue-adhesive.com."

Is this the source of the epoxy that you want to use on your project?


Epoxies are serious chemicals and sellers are required to provide product chemical data sheets MSDS or SDS documents. This provides a list of chemical used, warnings and shipping restrictions (sort of the salt and fat numbers provided by restaurants and on food labels). I see no links on the slick epoxy pour web sites for MSDS/SDS documents. They are required be making them available to you (thus helping you know something about the quality/composition of the products they sell as well as if it is made in the USA). Chemicals like epoxies also come with a PRODUCT DATA SHEET that give general information about the product. NO sign of them on those other sites either. Right at the top of this page you will find the link EPOXY DATA SHEETS - that takes you to our DATA, SMDS and SDS product documentation.  We're sorry our web site is not as slick as theirs - we are a coating epoxy company (in business for over 25 years). We physically touch and work with epoxies every single day - and we are members of professional coating society associations (and our local Better Business Bureau - none of that on their sites either).  (We answer our phone after hours and on weekends. Do they? (give them a call and find out!)

Section 5 - Penny Floor use


Basic No Blush epoxy is used on penny floors. Generally, the slower (summer) cure version is used because it provides more work time per batch and the areas covered tend to be large (and usually done in warm summer time temperatures. Visit our penny floor web page - click here.


epoxy penny floor


Section 6 - Metallic floor use


BASIC NO BLUSH is often used the epoxy resin used with "metallic floors".

Section 7 - Technical data





Fiberglass Laminating

Pebble Stone Surfacing



Easy 2:1Mixing Ratio

Contains no carcinogens

Medium Viscosity

Three Different Curing Agents




Basic No-Blush™ is a 100% solids, marine grade epoxy coating system designed for general marine/

boating applications. It will not blush or water spot under normal conditions. It is available with three

different curing agents, a fast cold weather (a slightly yellow curing agent), our standard clear curing

agent, and a thicker, amber colored slow warm weather curing agent. The standard cure version is also

widely used for resealing epoxy/pebble flooring systems.


The slow summer curing version is ‘viscosity adjusted’. Because epoxies become thinner (less viscous)

in warmer weather, the summer curing agent has been thickened to approximate the viscosity of

the standard No-Blush epoxy at approximately 70F.


Creating and maintaining pebble/epoxy decks



Excellent chemical resistance

Convenient 2 to 1 ratio by volume ( 1 to .422 by weight) base/cure - Standard cure

Superior adhesion to cold, damp surfaces


Approximate viscosity at 72F:

Standard/Winter Summer

Part A: 900 cps 900 cps

Part B: 175 cps 4,500 cps

Mixed: 600 cps 2,000 cps



COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH .......... ASTMD695    9,500 psi /9,200 psi  (STANDARD/SUMMER)


TENSILE STRENGTH.................... ASTMD638    6,200 psi /8,600 psi



CS-17WHEEL, 1 kg LOAD ............ ASTMD4060   0.20 gm loss /0.20 gm loss


WATER ABSORPTION.................. ASTMD570   0.16% /0.16 %

(2 hour boil)


FLEXURAL STRENGTH................ ASTMD790   5,500 psi /5,500 psi


SHORE D HARDNESS ................. ASTMD2240   90 /78


HEAT DISTORTION...................... ASTMD649   125F /125 F



LAP SHEAR.................................. 2,200 psi /2,250 psi


Section 8 - Useful links


Homepage for Progressive Epoxy Polymers Inc.

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Ask Professor E.Poxy



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Section 10 - Basic No Blush pricing - Packaging


Most epoxies are sold through agents, resellers and distributors. Distributors usually get the epoxy at 50% (40%-60%) off the list price. They double the price and sell it to end users like you. So most epoxies are sold by the manufacturers at 'half price' or 'distributor pricing' to distributors who mark it up and resell it. PROGRESSIVE EPOXY POLYMERS does not use distributors or resellers. You can only get Basic No Blush epoxy directly from us. Compare and you will find our prices are 50% less than the end user prices our competitors regular or non blushing epoxies sell for. Our epoxy is equal or better in quality - our prices are 'distributor prices' for everyone. If we used distributors we would need to vastly increase our prices to our customers to match the 100% markup added by distributors. Call it 'distributor pricing for everyone' or ' half price' epoxy - whatever floats your boat!



One page product summary page with current pricing - non marine - click here


One page product summary page with current pricing - marine products - click here


PACKAGING: --  As mentions at the top of this page, our New Hampshire facility sells 3 quart and 1.5 gal units of No Blush epoxy.  The factory in Rhode Island sells 15 gal units of Basic No Blush (packed in 5 gal pails). There are price breaks for 15 and 30 gallons. Any gallon amount over 15 gallons can be ordered and the curing agents can be any combination of the three curing agents available for Basic No Blush. Call us at 603 435 7199 to talk prices.

Section 9 - Legal stuff - returns


NOTICE: Legal notices, Terms of Service, warranty information, disclaimers, health warnings, etc. are required reading before using web site, ordering and/or using Products. Any such use and/or ordering, online or by telephone, shall constitute acceptance and knowledge of all such terms. CLICK HERE  to access these terms. Please note: Whenever you purchase from this web site, and with each new purchase, you are granting us full and complete permission to add you to our email newsletter list at our option.


RETURNS: call or email for authorization to return. Returns are subject to a 25% restock fee. Customer pays return shipping and must comply with federal DOT shipping requirement/labeling for hazmat epoxies under penalty of fines and legal action.

Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc.  Pittsfield, NH 03263  - 603-435-7199 - email -


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