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Paul Oman, MS, MBA - Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. (floor epoxies, marine epoxies, underwater epoxies, repair epoxies)

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If your "HELP" person can't explain nonyl-phenol, cyclo-aliphatic epoxies, epoxy adducts, MCU urethanes or LPU polyurethanes, they're salespeople and not coating professionals. If your "SUPPORT" person won't return your call on a Sunday afternoon, they're not really interested in you. At Progressive Epoxy Polymers/ we are your Help and Support Professionals. Call : 603 - 435 7199

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Don't' be eaten alive by epoxy prices!

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Basic No Blush (tm) Clear Two Part Marine Epoxy

First the basics:

Four things you need to know about marine epoxy resin/adhesive

1) A very small number of the giant chemical companies make epoxy resins and curing agents. The major marine epoxy companies - WEST, MAS, SYSTEM THREE, PROGRESSIVE EPOXY (that's us!) purchase these raw materials and then formulate/blend/modify them into their marine epoxy products. The small, discount epoxy sellers buy the bulk raw chemicals from the giant chemical companies and decant them into small units for resale. They do not formulate or modify/blend the raw chemicals. They simply repackage the 'raw' resins (which are usually too brittle for many applications).


REPEAT: There are two types of epoxy vendors. The 'serious' professional grade epoxies  are formulated by beginning with  the raw resins manufactured by the giant chemical companies. Call these companies EPOXY FORMULATORS.  Generally the low price epoxy vendors merely repackage these raw bulk resins. Not a good thing!  Call these companies EPOXY REPACKAGERS. Lots of repackagers focus on the marine epoxy marketplace. Repackaged epoxy It is the difference between Moonshine and Jack Daniels. Use only FORMULATED SPECIAL PURPOSE EPOXIES LIKE THOSE SOLD IN THIS WEB SITE. Going cheap can have very $$$ consequences. Our Basic No Blush epoxy is the least expensive formulated epoxy - and sometimes cheaper then the repackaged resins.

2) The 'standard' marine epoxies will 'amine blush' produce a waxy surface film during curing. All the vendors offer better, more expensive, non blushing marine epoxies. Progressive Epoxy (that's us) sells only non blushing marine epoxy (Basic No Blush ™ and Premium No Blush™ , our non hazmat to ship version).

3) Most epoxies are sold through agents, resellers and distributors. Distributors usually get the epoxy at 50% (40%-60%) off the list price. They double the price and sell it to end users like you. So most epoxies are sold by the manufacturers at 'half price' or 'distributor pricing' to distributors who mark it up and resell it. PROGRESSIVE EPOXY POLYMERS does not use distributors or resellers. You can only get Basic No Blush epoxy directly from us. Compare and you will find our prices are 50% less than the end user prices our competitors regular or non blushing epoxies sell for. Our epoxy is equal or better in quality - our prices are 'distributor prices' for everyone. If we used distributors we would need to vastly increase our prices to our customers to match the 100% markup added by distributors. Call it 'distributor pricing for everyone' or ' half price' epoxy - whatever floats your boat!



(Prices - data collected 7/19/2010 - A Full Decade Ago!)


MAS EPOXY (their Flag Non Blushing Epoxy (1.5 gal unit - approx. $178.98) ... REFORMULATOR

SYSTEM THREE (their non blushing Silver Tip Epoxy (1.5 gal unit - approx. $175) ... REFORMULATOR

WEST (their non blushing epoxy/207 cure (1.31 gal unit - approx. $169.16) ....REFORMULATOR

RAKA (a low price epoxy seller - resin and 305 non blushing resin (1.5 gal - 6 quart kit - approx. $105) .... RE-PACKAGER

PROGRESSIVE EPOXY POLYMERS ( & - that's us!) Basic No Blush Epoxy (That's Us!!).... REFORMULATOR

"Decade later" (11/2019 price) $128 for 1.5 gal kit of Basic No Blush (non-blushing) marine epoxy

Essentially we offer DISTRIBUTOR PRICES to everyone. No no sales tax - you are shopping in Tax Free New Hampshire

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