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ALUTHANE - moisture cured urethane MCU




Rust stopping Aluthane MCU  --  Apply at temps as low as 40 degrees. Will handle 300 degree temperatures


A moisture cured urethane (MCU) , aluminum flake filled non-epoxy specifically formulated as a metallic coating over less-than perfectly prepared surfaces. Apply  in temps. down to 40 F. This coating often ends up as an aluminum colored top coat but can be painted over. We're impressed with the ‘fresh galvanized' look it gives back to boat trailers. Roofs, fences, barrels, etc. Also makes aluminum boats, boat masts and booms look new. Gives engines and other mechanical equipment that dealer fresh look (or primed and ready to repaint status). On smooth surfaces it has a 'flat' galvanized look. On rough surfaces it has a more shiny silvery look. Unique penetrating urethane MCU chemistry seals and covers rust, keeps it from ‘rusting back through.


One of the major differences with our Aluthane MCU and other aluminum MCU coatings is that we use 100% urethane resin and all (or just about everyone else) thins or dilutes their urethane resin so that the end product is less than 100% urethane resin and aluminum. The difference with these cost cutting/profit enhancing measures is a product that just doesn't perform or last as long as our pure resin system. They also make their MCU coating much thicker than it needs to be to increase your consumption. Over time the differences are easy to observe and I have actual customers that have tried the competition, but then come back to our Aluthane MCU.


COMMON APPLICATIONS: rust preventing coating on metal structures (including bridges and fences),, trailers, replacing failing galvanized surfaces, aluminum boat sealing and top coat, perfect on most outdoor surfaces, auto restoration, hot temperature applications, applying in cold conditions, concrete, wood, metal floors, primer on wood and fiberglass boat repair, popular with tear drop trailer builders.

Recommended for Shipping Container seal/coating of lead based paint surfaces and heat reflecting roof

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 mcu polyurethane paint


ALUTHANE moisture cured urethane aluminum paint




moisture cured urethane

stops leaks too!

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Good Afternoon Paul,

Just wanted to send a note that you should share with new customers about the ALUTHANE product that you recommended for a project I was bidding. I was approached about repainting the loading dock diamond plates at an overnight package service terminal. The original paint was only a little over three years old and the plates were very rusty and showing extensive wear. The customer would be an important add to my client base so I wanted to make them happy with our first shot. I originally contacted you about using an epoxy coating but you strongly suggested the Aluthane moisture-cure urethane as the best solution. You couldn’t have been more correct. After following all the necessary preparation steps, we applied two coats of the Aluthane to all the surfaces, including areas that we just couldn’t surface grind or effectively reach. We did power-wash and dry all the surfaces but that meant some spots may still have surface rust that would be painted over. To see the final results, you’d swear that we installed new plate material rather than repaint it. It is just that good! The stuff is bullet proof!

Thanks again for helping to make us look so good!  --  Bill -- AXXB Construction Services, LLC  11/17

From comment section of 6/2010 online order for 1 gallon of Aluthane: "Returning (vendor note - a past customer). Spiral stairs near ocean. Wonderful coating that resists corrosion."

John (2/16/2012 email): A Wonderful Product!! Love Using It For A Little Of Everything!!! Proud To Buy American Products!!

My first experience w/ Aluthane was on my 1966 Starcraft boat....then with the left over quart I did the main door on my garage.....after that....I still had enough to apply a coat onto my rear bumper of my F250. This time around.... I used 1 quart again on: The in and outside panel of a retired U-Haul Truck (33 5/8 in. x 6 1/2 ft).....all the interior wall panels of the box truck (it's a 14 ft. box with grandmas attic)....and a 80# saddle propane tank. It's been an average of 28* up here for a high and it applied beautifully.....drying time is slower (I expected this)....but it coated just as smoothly as if it was 75* and sunny.

I totally agree.....b4 I crack a 1 quart container....I make sure I have enough things to coat so I don't hafta waste it in the garbage. I've been telling as many people as I can about Aluthane (and about you guys and galls).....telling them what I've been using it on and how nice it looks...and how smoothly it helped water proof my 46 year old boat and with a teeny bit of help from Marine Goop. My boat flows so smoothly through the would have never guessed that it leaked pretty good b4 the Aluthane and Goop.

I just hope and pray that this Economy and World Govt. doesn't shut you guys and gals down. That will be a VERY VERY SAD DAY for all the DIY's and commercial and industrial accounts you deal with on a regular basis.

Keep up the WONDERFUL WORK!!! Love the product so much!!! OMG.....I wanna coat everything exterior with it.... LOL. But seriously... when I get a chance.... I will be using the 1 Gallon Aluthane to do both of my porches. Have a great day and year. And blessed be us all.


I just finished painting my horse trailer (sided with FRP) with your Aluthane primer and thought I’d send you a 'before' and 'after' pic.

I was so happy with the product, I decided not to even topcoat it, lol! My husband wants me to order LOTS more; after seeing how beautifully it covers, he’s finding lots of projects around the yard that will benefit from this awesome primer. I spent a lot of time sanding, then used your Captain Tully’s crack filler, smoothed all over the fiberglass sides, which were badly checked. One gallon of Aluthane applied by a combination of roller and brush did the whole two-horse trailer very nicely. I would recommend it to anyone and will use it over and over again.

Thanks for your input on the project!      Mary


aluthane mcu - 603-435-7199

aluthane mcu - 603-435-7199










Tom wrote (10/2008): "I was looking for a product to use on the 4" steel pilings on a newly constructed boat house. I wanted to extend the life of the piles and the overall structure since the boathouse cost roughly $50K to build. Aluthane was recommended. At the time, the water was down around three feet from normal pool so I was able to paint roughly 4 feet of the piling that was exposed. For prep, I used a simple paint scraper to smooth off the rough, loose rust and then a wire brush. I did not put a lot of effort into preparation. Total prep time per piling was no more than 3-5 minutes. I used a 3" roller and rolled the Aluthane on. Again, very simple and quick. The Aluthane will run, so you do have to roll it on and smooth any runs with another quick roll over.

The results looked great. Basically a shiny aluminum look. When the lake came back up to pool, I kept watch for any signs of deterioration and saw none 12 months after application. The water went back down even further in the last few months, so I was able to inspect much closer and even apply the Aluthane further down the pilings. There was absolutely no rust through with 12-15 months of submersion.

The Aluthane surpassed all expectations and I now am in a wait and see mode on how long it will last before signs yet. I know its not advertised for submerged applications, but I can attest that it works very well for at a minimum of one year in fresh water applications. Excellent product that requires very little prep and seems to be very effective."

Hi Paul,

I was working on the boat today and couldn't help but notice how sharp my aluminum hardtop (still) looks after a very harsh summer of hard work on the salty ocean and a long New England winter exposed to the elements.

I remember the day I finished welding my hardtop and sat baffled as to how to finish it. You see, the hardtop frame was comprised of a half cut-up Mako tower (anodized aluminum) and scrap 6061 aluminum, all TIG welded together. With little to no prep, aside from a light sanding and a wash with alcohol, I was able to brush on (stippling) two coats of Aluthane in a day and have the boat launched a week later. Since then, the frame has seen rope chaffing, scrapes, climbing crew with abrasive sandy shoes, and harsh sun and seawater. The finish has never worn through and shows no signs of damage.

It has held up marvelously. So well in fact, I go out of my way to find things to paint with Aluthane. So far, I've painted my engines heat exchanger, primer my manifolds and risers, painted parts of my galvanized trailer including the wheels, and various mixed metal hardware on my boat.

I've recommended this product to others looking for a tough coating that can take a beating. A little goes a long way with Aluthane and it is almost funny how easily it goes on, rolled or brushed. One caveat, brushing will show brush marks so I usually stipple the surface with a brush with its bristles cut way back (or roll it on). Continuous mixing is key, too. It isn't glossy which is nice in some cases.

Paul 4/09

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