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Links to Lots of MUST READ Information Articles About DIY Boat Repairs, Marine Epoxy, Coatings, Including Preparation, Alternatives, What Can Go Wrong, etc. How To help

WARNING: Don't buy epoxy from any source  that doesn't have batch numbers or Date of Manufacture stamped on to  their products labels.. Like all primary source manufacturers and vendors, we track each each unit with a batch number or manufacturing date hand added to each container label. It is a labor intensive, hands-on process that marketing based companies and firms that just want to push product and take your money don't do. Most (maybe all) of out competitors don't track or provide this information. They don't know it, or they don't want to let you know how old their product is. Only buy your epoxy chemicals from vendors that label their epoxies with actual batch numbers or Date of Manufacture. Call before ordering and ask if that information will be on all  containers shipped out. 


marine epoxy




marine lighthouse



"Salvaged 45' sailboat. Purchased all my epoxy from you. I've been in the water two years and time to redo the bottom. Very happy with all the advise and delighted with how good the bottom held up. Started with 155, epoxy cream, `155 and three coats of Cm15 for barrier coat." MASON 11/16




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Marine Tips / Tricks / Rules


Epoxies you can apply underwater (don't leave your dock without them!)


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Our underwater epoxies have saved a sinking yacht in the Pacific Ocean. Their story is now a book. This is proof, you don't venture offshore without the epoxy products you need to save your boat from sinking. Read more - Epoxy Saves Sinking Yacht .



underwater epoxy

















Emergency Underwater Boat Repair Epoxy - Without it your boat is at risk!

The difference between your boat sinking at sea or in its slip and not sinking can be as simple as having an underwater epoxy paste and some fiberglass cloth on hand. Hull damage, leaks or a sinking can happen anywhere, any time, risking your life, the lives of your crew and the loss of the boat. Even if you are not sinking, an underwater epoxy paste doesn't have to be used underwater. Epoxy seal electrical connections, re-attach or re-bond wood trim, loose fittings, chipped wood or fiberglass. Repair broken hardware.

"I feel that any person taking a boat to sea anywhere, anytime, should carry your product aboard..."  -  Joy S. and Leslie B., sunken US Yacht Banshee.

Order the 1 gal unit of Wet Dry 700 underwater epoxy paste and a 4 inch roll of fiberglass cloth (yes, you can do fiberglass/epoxy work underwater) to keep on board - BEFORE YOU NEED IT!  order at



WINTER BOATING: Don't let winter stop you boat repairs/building. Basic No Blush marine epoxy with fast winter cure works down to about 28 degrees. Aluthane mcu aluminum paint can be applied down to about 40 degrees.



Complete, customized, osmotic hull blister repair with Kevlar (tm) based epoxies and multiple epoxy barrier coat system options. Call to discuss your boat and purchase everything you need from a single source - plus 24/7 help and support from boating resin professionals. A Better Business Bureau Company. 603-435-7199



Nearly all boat projects require multiple products: structural repair putties, fairing compounds, barrier coats, primers and sealers, laminating resins with fiberglass cloth and fillers. Generally people need help with product selection, amounts and application. No web site can give all this support, especially when so many things are involved. Our customers call 24/7 including nights, weekends and holidays for that kind of  pre-purchase advice and  application help. It is the only way to get a two way conversation to happen. 

Call (603-435-7199) or EMAIL me about what you're doing. We try to earn your business one phone call at a time!



Professional Restoration of Wooden Thistle Class Sailboat - link to




boat is sad shape

After Staining

And ESP 155 epoxy

Boat Restoration

Using ESP 155

solvent based

epoxy sealer

and primer

Find this epoxy on

our favorites page



barrier coat epoxies (and blister repair links)  CLICK HERE for  DIY marine barrier coats .

epoxy pricing (don't pay too much)  CLICK HERE to learn about marine epoxy pricing .

bilge paint epoxy  CLICK HERE to learn about DIY painting your bilge .

Formulated marine epoxies and pricing


The 'serious' marine epoxies are formulated using the raw resins manufactured by the giant chemical companies. Many (some?) low cost epoxy vendors merely repackage these raw bulk resins. Not a good thing!


copper epoxy boat bottom










copper epoxy boat boat bottom  info

The "drum to jug" repackagers come and go. New one seem to pop up every week. You want do do business with folks that actually formulate their marine epoxies - going two or three steps beyond the repackagers.

So who are the marine epoxy formulators?





- Note that we (Progressive Epoxy Polymers) are the only family owned company on that list. Epoxies have been our focus since 1994 - 20 years of 2 part epoxy every single working day. We are also the smallest of those four companies. Our standard marine epoxy, Basic No Blush, is equal or better (SEE USER COMMENTS) than the other formulated marine epoxies and up to half the price of their marine epoxies (our prices/markups  are too low/small  to attract distributors - so we sell only via the internet and pass the 'distributor markup' to you - more on marine epoxy pricing).

A few 'repackagers' offer their epoxy at slightly less than we charge.  The majority of them  actually charge more, or a lot more, than we do for our formulated Basic No Blush marine. epoxy.


India spar varnish

Doug: I have your India Spar Varnish on my cedar strip

canoe and it looks great! Inside photo of the canoe attached."

aluminum boat repair


Hi Paul,

I was working on the boat today and couldn't help but notice how sharp my aluminum hardtop (still) looks after a very harsh summer of hard work on the salty ocean and a long New England winter exposed to the elements.

I remember the day I finished welding my hardtop and sat baffled as to how to finish it. You see, the hardtop frame was comprised of a half cut-up Mako tower (anodized aluminum) and scrap 6061 aluminum, all TIG welded together. With little to no prep, aside from a light sanding and a wash with alcohol, I was able to brush on (stippling) two coats of Aluthane in a day and have the boat launched a week later. Since then, the frame has seen rope chaffing, scrapes, climbing crew with abrasive sandy shoes, and harsh sun and seawater. The finish has never worn through and shows no signs of damage.

It has held up marvelously. So well in fact, I go out of my way to find things to paint with Aluthane. So far, I've painted my engines heat exchanger, primer my manifolds and risers, painted parts of my galvanized trailer including the wheels, and various mixed metal hardware on my boat.

I've recommended this product to others looking for a tough coating that can take a beating. A little goes a long way with Aluthane and it is almost funny how easily it goes on, rolled or brushed. One caveat, brushing will show brush marks so I usually stipple the surface with a brush with its bristles cut way back (or roll it on). Continuous mixing is key, too. It isn't glossy which is nice in some cases.

Paul 4/09

marine spar varnish


marine spar varnish


"I bought some ESP 155 as a prime coat and used your India Marine Spar Varnish on top - unbelievably good! Forty year old mahogany seats in my dingy look as good as the brand new gunwales. Not sure how well it projects on the camera - dark basement- but looks so, so good!" John 1/15

  Old Goat's Boat Repair  FAQ  - Q&A


CLICK HERE to visit the Old Goat epoxy helpline.


Learn about the different coatings:

Enamel, Polyurethane, MCU, LPU, Epoxy,

Vinyl Ester, Polyurea, Acrylic, Varnish

- solvent free, water based, water borne -

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