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The only Kevlar (tm) based epoxy blister repair system

Boat Blister Repairs - Fiberglass hull Epoxy Repair - Boat Pox
DIY fixes for repair of fiberglass boat gel coat hull blisters -- MARINE EPOXY

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Paul Oman, MS, MBA - Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. (floor epoxies, marine epoxies, underwater epoxies, repair epoxies)

Member: NACE (National Assoc. of Corrosion Engineers), SSPC (Soc. of Protective Coatings)

Board member: Friends of the Suncook River - 501(c)(3) non profit ----- Founder: Friday Night Paddlers .

Boat U.S. member since 1980

Former Sailing Instructor -- 1976 Yachting Magazine -- Jr. Article Writing contest 1st place winner -- Boat builder -- Founder: Friday Night Kayaking Club

We are the only technology based coating/epoxy/resin company that actively encourages your phone calls, not just during our East Coast work hours but also after/before hours, evening, weekends and even holidays. We're available when you are. We form a personal relationship with our customers and freely share technical information, how to-advice, product information and tips-and-tricks. Speak with a non-salesman technical professional with over 25 years of experience in the resin/coating/epoxy industry (no newbie staffer on the phone lines!).

boat blister repair












DIY fixes for repair of fiberglass boat gel coat hull blisters (marine epoxy)




Fiberglass boat hulls are subject to the formation of blisters within the fiberglass hull layers below the waterline. These blisters vary in size, but all represent a damage site to your hull. The blisters are a result of moisture being absorbed into the fiberglass, probably due to sites of less then perfectly cured fiberglass polyester resins. A smelly, watery fluid fills the blisters and may actually squirt out when the blister is punctured.


Repair and prevention are topics of much debate. Repairs range from the complex to the simple. One end of the spectrum consists of sealing the boat in an airtight bag and using commercial dehumidifiers to suck out all moisture in the hull followed by completely cutting out the blister and repairing as one would repair a hole in the hull. Many people will let a hull dry out for weeks after lancing and opening a blister. On the other end of the spectrum, some people will do little more than lance a blister and almost immediately putty over it.


Prevention currently consists of applying several thin barrier coats of epoxy to the hull. Epoxies are less porous than the polyester resins used in production fiberglass boats. (see our products page for barrier coat epoxies).


Our Solution - The Blis-Coat Repair System:


Using various space-age, water-displacing, proprietary epoxies, Progressive Products, Inc., distributors of marine and industrial epoxy products has developed a system to both treat and help prevent blisters. The system is quick and easy and allows users to also include more extensive repair procedures should they deem it necessary. We believe our system offers a suitable solution to most blister situations. Ultimately however, it is the boat owner that must decide how extensively to repair blister damage.


We believe our system is a quick, adequate method for dealing with hull blisters and one that even inexperienced and impatient boat owners can easily master.


The Blis-Coat System consists of the following steps:


1) Open up the blister and remove the mostly heavily damaged surrounding fiberglass using a metal file bit (rasp bit) with an electric drill. As the blisters are generally filled with liquid expect a mushy mass of fiberglass dust to fill the area. Suitable protection should be taken to shield exposed skin, mouth, eyes, throat from the resulting fiberglass particles that this drilling/grinding will release.

Rather than completely grinding out ALL the weakened fiberglass (no reason why you cannot do this) we're stabilizing the remaining weakened fiberglass with our water displacing epoxies. These epoxies can literally be applied underwater. They ‘push' the water away — the path of least resistance is the open blister. Even if left within the hull the water mini-droplet (without the unreacted resins) shouldn't cause a blister or create any problem.


2) Thoroughly flush the blisters with water either from a water-blaster unit or garden hose. The object is to remove any residual chemical contaminants as well as fiberglass and resin dust.


3) You may wish to repeat the grinding and washing step above until you are personally satisfied with how well you have opened each blister and removed the worst of the fiberglass damage.


4) Let the blisters dry so that all obvious loose droplets and signs of moisture have evaporated.


5) Using our thin water-displacing, two-part epoxy resin (Low V) and a paint brush vigorously rub/brush/push/swab resin into each opened blister. Work quickly, pot life is about 20 minutes. This special epoxy will displace any trapped water (literally bonding and curing underwater if necessary) and penetrate any loose or open fiberglass around the blister. Let cure overnight or longer.


6) Patch and fill in the blisters, as well as any other necessary boat bottom repairs, with our WET DRY 700 epoxy putty. Fill the blisters using a putty knife or plastic edger. Perform any final filling/sanding/smoothing over the blisters in preparation for applying anti-fouling paint or optional barrier coat (see our products page for barrier coat epoxies).


In A Nutshell (summary):


1) grind open and clean blister of chemicals and crud with a hose


2) seal with Low V epoxy to seal and firm up blister (a solvent free thin epoxy that will firm up the damaged area - you can even use LOW V epoxy underwater - often used to firm up spongy boat deck cores weakened with rot and water)


3) patch and fill with Wet Dry 700 Kevlar (tm) filled epoxy putty (Wet Dry 700 saves sinking boat) This apply underwater epoxy paste can be used with or without fiberglass cloth. In an emergency it could save your boat (or your family!) The kevlar (tm) filler turns the Wet Dry 700 into a serious structural repair resin system.


Why Wet Dry 700 epoxy is the BEST in its class:

1. An apply underwater superior resin system

2) cycloaliphatic epoxy system

3) Kevlar (tm) reinforced epoxy

4) not too thick, not too thin, patch and repair gel (like cake icing)

5) strong user support / feedback

6) 24/7 support










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Customer feedback:


"Paul Oman (owner of Progressive Epoxy - 603 435 7199) is a very knowledgeable man , and freely shares his knowledge. His products are high quality and as represented. And he answers his phone."  Ralph

"You provide outstanding products, and Fantastic Support. Thank You." Brian S.

"Thanks for all your advice, tips & moral support concerning my project. It turned out beautiful. Quality people backing a quality product is the only way to go!" Joe

Dec 2008 from Doug: "The following is my opinion of a good company. My affiliation is as a DIY end user. No recompense, no funny business: I've been refurbishing our 1973 ketch and have done some epoxy work in that process. I've never worked with epoxy before this. I talked to several local glass workers and researched on line to learn a bit about epoxy. I searched for different vendors and their prices. I settled on a place in New Hampshire called Progressive Epoxy Polymers. (

My first thought was, what a mess of a website. I found it very confusing. Since I first came upon it, there have been improvements made to make it more "user friendly". Aside from that, the site is most informative to this beginning DIY's. I was won over by the explanations, descriptions of chemistries, MSDS's , suggested usages, and personal responsiveness of the owner and his wife. I did a calculation of prices per ounce, approximating the match of the different brand's products. I realize that there is no way I can say I'm comparing the same chemistry of different brands. Nevertheless, Progressive Epoxy prices remain the best I have found.

I've used the Premium No Blush (~15 gallons), Low-V (~2 gal), a putty with kevlar, and some elastomeric stuff. In addition I've used the fumed silica, micro balloons, ezy-thick, chopped glass & milled glass.

Progressive Epoxy Polymers is my epoxy source, I recommend them."

"Thanks for all your advice, tips & moral support concerning my project. It turned out beautiful. Quality people backing a quality product is the only way to go!" Joe


"Hi there! This e-mail has no question but I was just looking through your site and I wanted to say that it's great! I was just looking around the internet to read about the subject of epoxy and no other site I visited was as helpful as yours. You are very knowledgeable in that subject and I admire that. Great work and I wish you the best! "  - Gabriella  10/15

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A Case Study Using Progressive Epoxy Polymer's  Underwater Epoxy - WET DRY 700 Underwater Epoxy  and Corro Coat FC2100A (BUY NOW) read how our epoxies and customer service saved the day over a decade ago (2003).  Read more (click here). Those products and service still available to you - call 603 435 7199 anytime and ask for Paul Oman.

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Basic No Blush marine epoxy has a long list of private and professional boat builders. Most recently (2016 -2017) The Drummond Island Tall Ship Company built the 72 foot schooner Huron Jewel using Basic No Blush epoxy. (CLICK HERE) Over 160 gallons of epoxy were used - switching from the standard curing agent to the winter and summer curing agents as the seasons changed. Other professional builders include a Drift Boat company, a boat building school, and it was used to construct one of the boats in a 'row across the Atlantic' competition several years ago. Read about the professional restoration of a Thistle Class sailboat with our epoxies. Some of our other epoxies can be applied underwater have been used to rebuild a 100 year old wooden marine railway in 12 feet of water and repair and raise a sunken yacht at a Pacific Island Atoll.  Read all about it in the book "Escape From Hermit Island" available at

From Stitch and Glue kayaks to 72 ft schooners to emergency underwater repairs - you can trust the epoxies from Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. - a Better Business Bureau supporter/member. - Company VIDEO - 603-435-7199



WE'RE THE BEST SOURCE FOR ALL BOATING RELATED EPOXIES AND COATING! HERE'S WHY: No matter if your boat repair/building project is sitting in a 39 degree barn or sunk in 10 feet of water in the local harbor, our epoxies can save your day. We have Kevlar (tm) reinforced epoxies, marine non-blushing epoxies with bubble breaker additives (no one else has that!), two part polys in white or clear, and old fashion spar varnish. The clear has massive amounts of UV blockers. Need an epoxy  barrier coat or an epoxy sealer/primer for that old weathered fiberglass hull? Does you hull have blisters? Need a thickened epoxy or DIY epoxy thickeners? Does the pontoon boat leak? Need to repair a spongy, rotting deck core? We can do all of that and also save your sinking or sunk boat AND help you build that stitch and glue kayak or 72 foot schooner (they used 200 gallons of our epoxy!). PROGRESSIVE EPOXY POLYMERS INC. (marine catalog) or just call us 603 - 435 -7199 - available nights and weekends. Email anytime. - TOP FAVORITE EPOXIES  ---  WEB BOAT REPAIR LINKS  ---  BOAT EYE CANDY!




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Section Four TWO PART EPOXY PAINTS (barrier coats)

corro coat FC 2100; water gard 300; CM 15; liqua tile 11 72 potable water; rough coat; water prime

Section Five URETHANES AND NON-EPOXY COATINGS Aluthane (aluminum coating); LPU Marine; india spar varnish; acrylic poly uv plus, polyester poly


walnut shell,; s15


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short nap rollers; TA 661 (solvent free epoxy clean-up); 1 inch foam brushes; 2 inch bristle brushes; tongue depressors

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"Hi there! This e-mail has no question but I was just looking through your site and I wanted to say that it's great! I was just looking around the internet to read about the subject of epoxy and no other site I visited was as helpful as yours. You are very knowledgeable in that subject and I admire that. Great work and I wish you the best! "  - Gabriella  10/15

You don't find endorsements like this on other sites!


"Hi Paul, ---Thank you so much for all the info. Each time I spoke with you, I found you to be a very helpful, personable individual. You seemed genuinely interested in helping me get the right products and making sure that I know exactly the best way to apply it for optimum results. Sadly, in today’s business world, those are not common traits. It definitely was a pleasure to do business with you ( as cliche as that saying is.) I definitely will recommend to anyone who needs your products. Best wishes for continued success. Sincerely, Julie" (6/2019)



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