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Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. Newsletter

Products and News/Jan. 2008

PROGRESSIVE EPOXY OFFERS MULTI VENDOR EPOXY SOLUTIONS. Largest selection of two part LPU urethanes, epoxy fillers, NSF 61 approved epoxies, pipe wraps products, low temp winter epoxies, barrier coats, and more! Home of: WET/DRY 700™ Kevlar™ underwater epoxy paste and the low cost Basic No Blush™ marine epoxy.



It has been a year since our last newsletter and in that time, lots of changes and new products. Our web site is constantly being updated and more user friendly. A HELP page now offers links to nearly every page on our site. New also are  site specific Google Searches on nearly every page. We've added a LEGAL page that covers Internet use, waranty, return information, disclaimers etc. all in one convenient location. Outdated, orphan pages have been removed.

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VOC Regulations

2007 saw us come up to speed with VOC (volitile organic compounds) and air quality regulations regarding coatings. As you probably know, these regulations are getting tougher and tougher and vary from state to state (actually from city/county to city/county). How the coating is classified (floor coating, waterproofing sealer, mastic) influences the acceptable amount of VOCs (solvents) the product can have in that particular couty/state. For example you may be able to paint your car with a two part polyurethane, but not paint your outdoor grill with the same coating. And using an acceptable coating and adding solvents to thin it, can easly put you over the regulated VOC limits, thus making you a felon.

The rules are confusing. They can change often. End users don't seem to have a clue and many small manufacturers, businesses and stores also don't know the rules or simply ignore them.

Lucky for you, the "Paint Police" aren't likely to be knocking on your door just yet if you open and use that (now illegal) gallon of oil based varnish you have sitting in your workshop.

Fortunately for us, most of our epoxies have zero VOCs. That means most of our products can be sold and used throughout the country.  For more on VOC regulations see our page:

Note that the VOC issues are completely different from the shipping issues and whether a product can be shipped by air or not. Most cannot, but a few can. Most require special labeling and must be shipped by ground.


Joint Link™
Expansion Joint (and crack/seam) Filler and Sealer

Our poly-ether, Joint/Link™ sealer is a weather resistant crack filler and construction sealant. It is packaged in standard 10 oz caulking tubes. Unlike most other calking tube sealers, Joint LInk is noticeably thinner and self leveling. It is ideal for filling expansion joints in garages and work spaces while still allowing them to function as expansion joints. It is nearly odorless and solvent free, with no shrinkage and 300% elongation. Bonds to most surfaces including wood, metal, plastic and foam.Paintable.  $11.50 per tube.

Currently available in light gray, tan color will be available in early Feb/08.



Introducing DECK PLUS™
Water-based Deck Coating

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Deck Plus™: rubber texture coating

This water based deck/patio one part coating gives a 'sidewalk' type texture that is both attractive and very functional. Used on the decks of NYC Police Harbor Petrol Boats, it is also at home rejuvenating your weathered home patio deck.

Recommend application is by hopper gun ($30-$70 at a hardware store) and air compressor (coverage about 35 square feet with two thin coats), however it can also be applied with a squeegee or dry wall float at about 25-30 sf per gallon.  Mix two parts of Deck Plus with one part latex paint and brush on. You'll get that 'fine grit it paint' look in the exact latex paint color you want. 


Available in light gray or tan. $65 per gallon/$20 quart

Epoxy Pigments

We recently added some gel pigments to our line of products. Colors are tile red, black, white and chocolate brown. I love them! A one quart unit ($28) will turn 1.5 to 3 gallons of clear epoxy to that desired color. Find them in Section 8 - misc. of our marine catalog or Section I - misc. of our residential/commercial catalog. One application would be to mix them into our Low V™ epoxy for a floor coating in colors we don't stock.

It is much easier to apply a layer of sealing or priming epoxy that is tinted with a touch of color (don't need it to be solid). And topcoating with paint is easier when the surface has a uniform, even color - often saving one or two coats of paint needed to hide a multi-color surface.

I found when mixed with solvents they form their own stain. Also by mixing the chocolate brown with the tile red I was able to get a sort of cherry colored stain.

About This Newsletter

It has been a year since our lat newsletter. With this new Newsletter, we hope to get back on track and generate several per year. One of the reasons we 'stalled' so long was the work involved in creating one and handling the mass emailng through our regular web provider.

With this new issue, we are using the services of "Constant Contact." It is an online company. We go oline and fill/create one of their newsletter templates. Then we upload our email list. They handle it from their and we get all sorts of reports back from them. We pay a monthy fee, so there is good incentive to keep newsletters and new product annoucements appearing. We'll see how this 'first time' newsletter works!


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