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Everyone gets Distributor Pricing for this Top Rated marine epoxy - details .




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The least expensive FORMULATED  marine epoxy available - And NON BLUSHING too!


This product has its own web page - CLICK HERE - basic no blush marine epoxy

Visit The Marine Epoxy Everything Guide (click here)

More Basic No Blush user comments and feedback ... CLICK HERE

Additional product information/mentions about BASIC NO BLUSH can also be found at the following site(s) -

Additional product information/mentions about BASIC NO BLUSH can also be found at the following  MOBILE FRIENDLY site(s) -

Basic is a great marine epoxy ("goo") , but if you want a higher quality resin see our Premium No Blush™ marine epoxy below. Basic No Blush™ vs. Premium No Blush™ vs. other epoxies (how to compare) - CLICK HERE

Add some TA 661 - a non solvent epoxy clean up solution to your order! CLICK HERE for more info.

This Product Was Used in The Restoration of the famous Leaf blower Powered Dinghy - CLICK HERE

Using over wood? - read our "primer" page - CLICK HERE

Add solvent to make it a sealer/primer (see

Add thickeners to make it a putty repair epoxy (see Use straight for laminating etc.

Allow 36 - 48 hours for enough curing time to provide a strong bond/adhesion to surfaces.

Often also used to reseal epoxy/pebble stone decks (coverage 200-250 square feet per 1.5 gal kit. Also see our special thick roller for this application - Section i Industrial catalog misc. section)

Online log from another boat builder using Basic No Blush - (see - day 42) CLICK HERE

Gluing with Basic No Blush marine epoxy (and other feedback from customers on this product) - see user notes - Basic No Blush™) CLICK HERE

This product reviewed in Professional Boatbuilder Magazine Dec/Jan 2004 CLICK HERE (boat builder)

More customer feedback and comments on Basic No Blush marine epoxy  resin- CLICK HERE.

This product has its own web page - CLICK HERE - basic no blush marine epoxy

NOTE: clear epoxy resins may crystallize - click here to learn more






Add Fiberglass tape to your order (3 inch by 50 yards or 4 inch by 50 yards)



Epoxy Crazing Notice/Warning

There are two types of Marine Epoxy Vendors: 1) discount, bulk, REPACKAGERS who simple buy drums of raw resin and raw curing agent(s) from the big chemical companies and fill plastic jugs for resale; 2) FORMULATORS take the raw epoxy chemicals add to them to enhance and improve the raw "moonshine" into a "fine whiskey". Learn more repackagers/formulators.

Our Basic No Blush (tm) is a formulated non blushing epoxy by Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. (homepage). that includes additions for reduced brittleness and exclusive (only we have it)  bubble breakers for a more perfect looking finish. Basic No Blush is the least expensive of the formulated epoxies and considered the best marine epoxy by many ex-users of the other formulated epoxies.

REPACKAGED EPOXY WARNING: Over the years I have seen and had reports of non-formulated, raw resin/cure epoxies (which are extremely hard and brittle) becoming crazed with millions of cracks (like shattered safety glass) in outdoor settings that experience big changes in temperature. Formulated epoxies  all seem to be 'fixed' to allow for this expansion and contraction without cracking by making them less brittle and better able to handle internal stresses.

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"I've been using the Basic No Blush epoxy on all my own stuff, and using up all the West epoxy on most customers boats. When the West is finally gone I'll only be using your epoxies. Good stuff. I'm rebuilding an old Rybovich so a big order in the future..." Patrick (comment with on-line order 9/4/07)  ----  Order No Blush online



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One of our marine epoxy competitors (now a mere impersonal, product line sub-division within a big industrial corporation) claims a 30% savings in time using non blushing marine epoxies. Non blushing marine epoxies do not require washing or sanding between epoxy coats or top coating with other paints. Note that we offer Basic No Blush marine epoxy with fast, slow and regular curing agents (and it also includes bubble breakers for a more perfect finish). Our Premium No Bush epoxy is Nonyl free and uses an special curing agent is can be air shipped (shipped without restrictions). 




5 oz sample of basic no blush™ marine epoxy resin with regular clear standard cure

with epoxy at room temp (73 F) - 25 minutes

64 F - 43 minutes

NOTE: our slow summer version is really slow/90 plus degree weather stuff.

Even at 85 degrees time to hard could be several hours.

5 oz sample of basic no blush™ marine epoxy resin with thick amber summer/slow cure

with epoxy at room temp then approx. 92 degree work environment - 50 minutes

with epoxy at work temp of approx. 92 degrees before mixing - 25 minutes

with epoxy at room temp (73 F) - 60 minutes

5 oz sample of basic no blush™ marine epoxy resin with slightly yellow winter/fast cure

with epoxy at room temp then approx. 45 degree work environment - 18 minutes

with epoxy at work temp of approx. 45 degrees before mixing (very thick to pour out and mix) - 50 minutes

with epoxy at room temp (73 F) - 17 minutes




Basic No Blush Epoxy  VS


Premium No Blush Epoxy
BASIC NO BLUSH™ - our most popular all purpose marine epoxy  resin - great value and price! PREMIUM NO BLUSH™ - non-hazmat for quick AIR shipping and shipping outside the USA - cycloaliphatic curing system Worth considering if you want the Very Best
non blushing

very clear

easy mix ratio (2 : 1)

blendable hardeners ---  slow summer, regular and fast winter curing agents

nice medium viscosity

no VOCs (solvent free)

no formaldehyde in the formulation

formulated product - not simply repackaged raw resins from the big chemical companies

best prices!



non blushing

easy mix ratio (1.5 : 1)

cycloaliphatic curing system

nice medium viscosity

no VOCs (solvent free)

no formaldehyde in the formulation found in some of the popular epoxies

no nonyl phenol in the formulation (98% of epoxies contain Nonyl Phenol) no-nonyl means healthier and no reaction with enamel paint

formulated product - not simply repackaged raw resins from the big chemical companies

non hazmat to ship!

Amber colored curing agent helps bring out the color of natural wood finishes



Pumps for 1.5 gal Basic No Blush and Low V epoxy only

approx. 1 oz per stroke - good for small projects after calibration - (most folks use paper cups instead)





cold weather epoxy

Our Winter Curing Agent - means 'New England'
winter temps (30's and 40's). If your winter temps
in the 50s generally, order the regular curing agent.




Basic No Blush™ marine epoxy resin -

in space!

It is not just about boats or pebble decks -

Basic No Blush epoxy is being used by amateur rocket builder Dr. Dennis McClain-Furmanski PhD


Light weight replacement airframe -

Experimental 'bullet-proof' high strength design -

High altitude, high performance design, carbon body and fins -







































Custom Drift Boats

Check them out at:

Croff Craft - just one of our commercial boat builders that use our

Basic No Blush marine epoxy and India Spar Varnish




clear marine epoxy boat repair clear marine epoxy and boat repair pic

Dory sea trials - Wind & Oar Boat School - Basic No Blush epoxy customers





What is a Puddle Duck Racer? ( visit their web site -
The PDRacer is a developmental one design racing sailboat that is basically a plywood box with a curved bottom, and is the easiest boat in the world to build. The rules are aimed at keeping the lower 10" of all hulls the same, but the rest is up to the builder. A simple hull can be made from 3 sheets of plywood. If you work hard for 2 weekends, you can go sailing on the 3rd weekend.

Our BASIC NO BLUSH ™ marine epoxy is the endorsed epoxy within the Puddle Duck community.






The only marine epoxy with bubble breakers AND non blushing formulation


boat building marine epoxy

Progressive Epoxy Polymers ( Attn: Paul,

Attached is a zip file with photos, plan view, vessel description, and some shots of the previous builds of the same boat. I am using your Basic No-Blush marine epoxy as my sole epoxy coating & glue solution throughout this entire project and I just love your product! Having used all the major brands on the market today I find your epoxy to be the easiest, most consistent, and most forgiving marine epoxy product of them all.

This boat is being built in an unheated, semi-weather tight workshop, on an island on Lake Winnipesaukee (central New Hampshire) and consequently I'm more often working in temperatures outside of what is optimal for most epoxies. I've had success with your epoxy (with the Regular curing agent) setting up in temps in the low 50's and also behaving kindly with temps in the upper 80s to 90+. While pot life varies considerably in such a wide range your product is very consistent, predictable, and telling when it's time to 'wrap it up', which is definitely not so much the case with some of your competitors.

In addition, your pricing is very attractive and while price is not the primary reason why I use your product I definitely appreciate the value you offer, so thank you.

Jeff - 2014 - Offshore Skiff boat builder

basic no blush epoxy marine

basic no blush epoxy

Originally designed for Offshore Magazine, the Offshore Skiff was intended to be an economical shoal-draft family cruiser or alternately--in the open center-console version--an all-around utility boat. A skiff. of course, is any fairly small, shoal, economical vessel. She could be a 15-foot rowboat, a 30-foot Jersey sea skiff, or even a 36-foot 17,000-pound Sea Bright skiff. The Offshore Skiff, falls nicely in the middle of this range at 28-feet 3-inches overall , 24-feet waterline, 8-foot beam. 5400-pound displacement, and drawing a scant 1 1 inches to the bottom of her hull. (She draws 26 inches to the bottom of her outboard.)

basic no blush epoxy


Massive Boat Links Site

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Hello Paul:

I have been using basic no blush marine epoxy (standard cure) on my plywood boat, and I have been impressed. I work on the boat when I have time and sometimes that means a dry 75-80 degrees, or a hot and humid 95. The epoxy seems to be very accommodating to temperature and even an accidental improper mixing a time or two. I am ready to fillet large areas and have been using no blush with wood flour and have been getting nice looking fillets. I need to place another order soon...


"I used 30 gallons of your No Blush epoxy to make a Tolman skiff a few years ago. I am in Japan now, and wondered how much shipping and handling for 1.5 gallons of no blush, std cure costs. Thanks, your epoxy is good stuff. -- best, Ken" (1/17) 

The Wind & Oar Boat School is located in Portland, OR ( Currently (7/11) they are working on a St Ayles skiff, with a group of 10 completely novice women doing the build. Its the first all women build and the first on the west coast. The St Ayles Skiff is a Iain Oughtred design done for the Scottish Fisheries Museum and now the cornerstone of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project ( Last fall WoodenBoat Publications picked up the concept and got 5 high schools in Maine to start the boat and I am mirroring the idea for high schools in Portland. The first youth boat will start this fall but in the mean time a group of women approached me about building one too. The Wind & Oar Boat School is building communities through building boats. We encourage groups of all shapes and sizes to experience the camaraderie, team building, collaboration, and self confidence that arise from working towards a common goal.

When it came time to decide about epoxies, the school turned to Michael Bogoger (Dory-man) for advice. He suggested your product and we've been extremely happy with it. The forgiving nature of the Basic No-Blush (tm) marine epoxy has been ideal for a school situation where many people are mixing and consistency is not necessarily high. Michael has covered our build on his blog several times and this link is to one of his posts where you can see us using the No Blush epoxy product.

Whether you want a group team building exercise or a grade school introduction to wood and water, the Wind & Oar Boat School will tailor a course to fit your needs. Our first build is a group of 10 women, of diverse ages, who without any woodworking experience are now building a 22 foot St Ayles Skiff.


"I just wanted to let you know that a couple of months ago I purchased 1.5 gallons of epoxy from you for injection into a port stringer on a waterski boat I recently purchased.  I have owned quite a number of boats power and sail requiring repairs to bring them back to where they should be. Your product was excellent in every respect. I thinned it myself to the specifications I felt the repair required and it turned out superb in every regard. I will be using your product in the future for blister repairs to a large sailboat I own and just wanted to thank you for providing an excellent product with value to the consumer."  Best Regards, Steve

 (email 12/16/13 to Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. -- -- attn: Paul Oman)


Penobscot 17, built by Mike Fields Using Our Basic No Blush Marine Epoxy


Hey there,

I finally finished my boat. It is covered one end to other with y'alls epoxy. I really like your Basic No Blush marine epoxy and still no rash!

Mike Fields

(Mike had suffered from Epoxy Sensitivity and skin rashes from other epoxies. We don't know why he had no rash problem with our epoxy, but we're pleased that he didn't!)

“I started building Puffin in January of this year, and launched her in July. I have made a few changes to better meet my needs. Puffin is a joy to sail. She is fast and very forgiving. The pic I'm sending was taken in 25pmh plus wind on Greers Ferry Lake, AR. I plan to sail in the Gulf, and island hop along the Mississippi coast this summer.”

Austin xxxxx  @ =   (5/2013)  "Great Product. Have used it many times and recommend it to others often."


See our annual winter boat projects for the last two years.....

Building the stitch and glue, plywood, "Portuquese Style Dinghy" (winter 2008/2009) - CLICK HERE


Building TOTO (winter 2007/2008) - a plywood Stitch and Glue Kayak - CLICK HERE




 marine epoxies


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