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Most epoxy floor kit vendors offer a clear topcoat option due to market demand. They count, however, on unsuspecting, poorly informed, customers to just accept whatever clear topcoat product they offer. In order to keep their floor coating kits price competitive they need to 'go cheap' on the clear topcoat.



Clear Floor Top Coat Rip-Off - options
What you need to know about clear topcoats for epoxy floor paints

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Hi, I train spray painters in Queensland Australia the technical aspects of Polyurethane paint. However some people just can’t get the difference of the two major types. Polyester vs Acrylic. I would like to use your excellent discussion paper in my training as an unbiased view and give credit to author Paul Oman and your company. http://www.epoxyproducts.com/lpu.html 

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UV blockers/absorbers CANNOT be added to cross-linking thermo-set resin systems like epoxies (they can be added to 2 part polyurethanes). Anyone that tells you they have a UV resistant epoxy or a non yellowing epoxy is either ignorant or lying to you. You decide if you want to do business with dishonest companies/individuals.


I'll wager you won't find a Better Business Bureau (BBB) membership logo on their web site (but you will find it proudly displayed here on this site). Nor will you see that person's name or professional coatings/resins credentials and educational background. Pick your online vendors carefully. Avoid overly slick and fluffy sites.


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Many folks wanting an epoxy or painted garage floor also want it be to shinny. Such floors decorated with colored paint chips are also prime candidates for a clear topcoat over the colored chips. Finally, epoxies all tend to yellow and suffer UV damage. UV blockers cannot be added to thermoset resin systems like epoxies. They can, however be added to other solvent based coatings. Automobile clear coat is the classic example. Note however, adding UV blockers in clear coat products is the exception rather than the rule due to the high cost of these additives.  Note that water based epoxy floor paints don't seem to yellow as much as 'regular' epoxies. This is due in part to excessive pigment amounts needed to provide hiding coverage with such a thin coat product.

Most epoxy floor kit vendors offer a clear topcoat option due to market demand. They count, however, on unsuspecting, poorly informed, customers to just accept whatever clear topcoat product they offer. In order to keep their floor coating kits price competitive they need to 'go cheap' on the clear topcoat, focusing the customer's attention instead on the epoxy base coat (even there they tend to keep the facts fuzzy --  i.e. differences between water based and solvent or solvent free epoxy paints, issues of" induction" or "set time" just as a few examples). More on epoxy floor paint kits.

At the bottom of the clear coat picture are water based acrylics, followed by solvent based acrylics. Serious professional folks that use these topcoats know that they need to be recoated on a regular basis. Homeowners aren't told of this.

A clear urethane or polyurethane is the next step up. Consider it just a coat of clear paint. It's not exactly a product that matches the high end properties of the epoxy it covers, but it looks nice for a while!

The real professional clear topcoat products are linear polyurethanes (called LPU coatings - google LPU), which are two part, high solvent (cannot be sold in certain parts of the country), very smelly and very thin coatings. Again automotive paints and auto clear coat come to mind.  In the over priced 'marine/boat" market these clear or pigmented LPU coatings can sell for $300 to $500 plus per gallon. Even in the 'real world', non yachting marketplace, these LPU coatings are expensive and would raise the cost of a DIY epoxy floor with clear topcoat kit well beyond what the DIY epoxy floor kit shopper would consider spending when comparing other DIY floor kits. LPU coatings come in two types, acrylic polyurethanes (very similar to auto clear coat), and the harder and tougher (and more expensive) polyester polyurethane. You cannot do better than a high quality polyester polyurethane, but keep in mind that even a clear acrylic polyurethane is head and shoulders above any non LPU coating. The very best experts in floor coatings ONLY want polyester polyurethanes as their clear topcoat (perhaps a little bit of snob appeal here).

Here at Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc., we're more honest and upfront with you. We do offer two clear non epoxy (remember that epoxies yellow) topcoat options for use on our different epoxy floor products. Both are LPU coatings. Our Acrylic Poly UV plus is an acrylic polyurethane with expensive UV blockers and UV absorbers added to it. It is used to keep epoxy floors from yellowing and to provide a high gloss surface. Our Polyester Poly is one of the highest quality clear polyester polyurethane you can buy. Like almost all clear coat products, it doesn't contain any significant UV protection. Ideally customers would seal their paint chip (or non paint chip) epoxy floor with one or two coats of the UV protecting Acrylic Poly UV Plus (1 gal covers 250-300 sf). For an optionally tougher topcoat they would then topcoat the Acrylic Poly UV plus with one or two coats of the Polyester Poly. The special UV additives in the Acrylic Poly UV Plus raise its cost to approximately the same as the Polyester Poly.


We really appreciate you visiting PROGRESSIVE EPOXY POLYMERS, INC. and our web site: EPOXYPRODUCTS.COM.  Take advantage of the CONTACT links on this page to ask questions about our products and/or your projects. You can stay in touch with us via our NEWSLETTER (link on our contact page) which is emailed  every 6-8 weeks.

This current page is all about:


Clear Floor Top Coat Rip-Off - options
What you need to know about clear topcoats for epoxy floor paints


Two reasons why there are few clear coat products available with UV blockers. One is cost. These additives for clear coats are expensive. Second, most clear coat products go over pigments coatings that are not epoxy and do not yellow (but might still fade a bit!).  Simply the top coating of epoxies with a clear coat is a small market, that few address (except for our Acyrlic Poly UV plus mentioned above.). So, if some vendor tells you they have an special clear top coat for epoxy surfaces and it doesn't really mention special additional uv blockers etc. added to it (don't think there are any), they you already know they are stretching the truth because the product wasn't designed with epoxies in mind. Some vendors just 'forget' to mention epoxy yellowing entirely. LET THE BUYER BEWARE.

Stopping UV damage and UV yellowing  ----------------    Josie Lewis (6/2010) wrote:

Hi Paul: I recently purchased some clear epoxy  and Acrylic Poly UV Plus from your company. I have access to a UV chamber which simulates high altitude direct UV exposure. I thought you might be interested in my findings. I used a Masonite panel painted white and then coated with the epoxy. On half of the epoxy coated panel, I brushed on one coat of UV Poly and put it in the chamber for 644 hours at 50 C (the heat accelerates the exposure). Attached is a picture of the results. The masonite cracked a bit and separated due to a bit of wetness in the wood (unrelated to the resin). The epoxy  ambered dramatically within about 50 hours. After 644 hours, the UV Poly showed a slight bit of ambering from the original control but it is marginal at worst. The technician who ran the test said if it isn't yellow at 644 hours it is basically indestructible. I also tested several other 2-part resin products with the UV Poly and had the same result. You have a great product. I now feel secure knowing that my resin art, protected with the Poly UV Plus, will be archival and protected for long years. I will be ordering more soon!

Best, Josie (6/2010) Order Acrylic Poly UV plus - cannot be sold in Calif. - and all our other products at our King Cart Storefront. Acrylic poly UV Plus is in the non-epoxy section.




If your epoxy floor paint vendor/web site doesn't tell you the differences between water based floor epoxies and solvent free floor epoxies, or that an epoxy garage floor could be a 1 - 7 coat system, or that there are multiple ways to apply colored chips to your epoxy floor (with just sprinkling them upon the wet epoxy being the non-professional,  most simple DIY approach), they are withholding valuable information from you. Call us at 603 -435 - 7199 24/7 (including nights, weekends and holidays) to the the full story.



Why You Don't Want, Or Need,

A Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Floor Paint



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Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings - Sampler Kits

1) NEW Epoxy Floor/ Deck non slip coating  (ROUGH COAT (TM) FLOOR EPOXY) Check out the  8 oz test kit of Rough Coat (tm) - a tan colored  solvent based epoxy floor coating with non slip grit already mixed in. Standard unit size is one gallon which covers about 160 sf. Texture is suitable for bare feet. Use on boat decks, garage floors, shower areas etc.  This product is featured on the GreatThings4u.com website.

2) Solvent Free Industrial Floor Epoxy - 48 oz test kit of IFF in beige or light gray. Tired of the low end stuff sold in mass market box stores or hard sell epoxy flooring web sites run by a marketing major and staffed with ex-shoe salesman just interested in your money? Check out our industrial - commercial (you can buy 15 gallon units), solvent free, Industrial Floor Epoxy (even the product name is simple, no frills labeling). Use with or without chips (order separately - picking colors and percentages), and with or without clear epoxy or poly intermediate or topcoats. Shop like a Professional - where you pick and select what you need. This product is featured on the Best Epoxies  website.

CLICK HERE (floor epoxy paint options) to see these products in our online catalog.


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Brent L. who ordered our solvent free, commercial grade, Industrial Floor Epoxy emailed: "A few weeks ago I ordered epoxy, color chips and UV Poly top coat for my garage (1700 sqf t). You may or may not remember an order of 15 gal of epoxy to Bismarck, North Dakota....

Anyway, I have half the floor done (half because of moving everything in my garage from one side to the other) and the floor looks awesome. People that have seen it are astounded, they've never seen anything like it because no one around here supplies industrial epoxy.

In high school (Calgary, Alberta) I used to work for a company that specialized in epoxy patching of concrete, so I am somewhat familiar with epoxies. I spent many months researching on the Internet what products are available and their cost. The product you have supplied is top notch and I have passed on your name to anyone that is interested."

"You provide outstanding products, and Fantastic Support. Thank You." Brian S.

"Thanks for all your advice, tips & moral support concerning my project. It turned out beautiful. Quality people backing a quality product is the only way to go!" Joe


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Clear Floor Top Coat Rip-Off - options
What you need to know about clear topcoats for epoxy floor paints


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